10 interesting facts about poodles

The beautiful, fluffy, playful poodle is the official national breed of France.

This dog attracts all around with its hair and cheerful nature. But it is already hard to say more about this wonderful breed, so we suggest you read 10 interesting facts about these fluffy poodles.

Facts about poodles

1. According to the Federation Cynologique Internationale, the breed “poodle” is divided into 4 different sizes: royal (the biggest representatives), small, dwarf, and that. But the American Kennel Club does not agree with them and claims that there are only 3 subtypes: standard, miniature and that one.

2. A poodle is a dog athlete. Its strong small body is just made for running. Representatives of this breed could be excellent hunters because originally they began to use them to get the feathered game out of ponds while hunting.

3. The poodle haircut is not just an original squeak of fashion, it has a certain purpose. Previously, when dogs were used for hunting, they had to go into the icy water, and therefore they so needed proper protection. But too thick wet wool only prevented the dogs from working, so their owners left the wool only in the places that suffered most from cold.

4. Poodles are very smart dogs, you can even call them Einstein in the world of quadrupeds. Due to their cleverness and friendliness, these cute pets often participate in competitions.

5. Representatives of this breed have a unique wool structure, and therefore poodles are often crossed with other breeds and bring out new ones: Cocapu (crossed with cocker spaniel), poodle-pointer (with English pointer), Golden Doodle (with labrador retriever and Golden Retriever).

6. poodle is an excellent choice for allergic people. Representatives of this breed have a soft fluffy coat, which practically does not shed and does not emit a characteristic dog smell. But since these dogs’ hair grows constantly, it is necessary to cut it periodically.

7. Everybody is used to thinking that the poodle is a purely French breed, but although the inhabitants of this country just do not take a soul in these cute dogs, originally this breed was born in Germany.

8. The King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley simply loved this breed of dog. He had several poodles, and he often presented these pets as gifts to his ladies of the heart.

9. The poodle likes to sleep. He certainly needs a long thirteen-hour sleep, otherwise, he will feel tired, depressed, and in a bad mood.

10. This breed of dog is very old. Even on Egyptian and Roman wall paintings, which were created in the 1st century BC, you can find their images.

Poodles are very smart, playful, and beautiful dogs, they love people and can be very attached to their owners. Therefore, representatives of this breed will be excellent domestic companions, as a single person, and a family with children.

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