15 interesting facts about ladybugs

Small and harmless ladybugs are well known to everyone.

Hardworking, bright, and visible, these insects are not like most others. Today we will tell you interesting facts about ladybugs.

Facts about ladybugs

  1. Their different species live all over the planet, without meeting only in the polar zones and Antarctica.
  2. All species of ladybug’s abdomen consists of 6 segments.
  3. On the head of most ladybugs have 11 thin bundles, but sometimes there are 10 of them.
  4. There are more than 5000 species of ladybugs worldwide.
  5. During the flight, the ladybug wings up to 80-85 times per second.
  6. Ladybugs’ stains are designed to scare away predators. Strangely enough, it works.
  7. Birds do not hunt these insects.
  8. Ladybugs are perennial insects, and during the winter they live off the accumulated reserves for the summer.
  9. Depending on the type of ladybugs there are different colors: pink, yellow, white, orange, and even black.
  10. As a ladybug gets older, it has fewer spots on its back, and its color becomes duller.
  11. Depending on the species, the ladybug can lay up to 2000 eggs in its lifetime. Ladybugs are the main fighters of aphids that eat plants, so farmers treat these insects very gently.
  12. When the ladybug is attacked, it may respond by splashing sharp smelling liquid from the knee joints of its legs. The smell warns the frogs and predators that this insect is poisonous.
  13. In case of an attack by a predator, ladybugs sometimes pretend to be dead.
  14. The vast majority of ladybugs are predators, but there are also completely plant-eating species among them.
  15. Few insects can boast established monuments, but this does not concern the ladybug. Monuments have been erected in its honor in different countries: in New York and the suburbs of Milwaukee in the state of Wisconsin in the USA, in Tokyo, the capital of Japan, in South Korea – in Seoul, in the capital of Poland – in Warsaw, in the French town of Milwaukee and in Russia – in Volgograd.

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