20 fun facts about koalas

Koala is an aboriginal animal of the Australian continent.

These animals are very similar to small bears. Even the first Europeans, who landed on the continent, called the animal “Koala bear”. But after a while, the koala was separated into a separate family. Now, the research of these animals continues, and the results of various studies revealed many fun facts about koalas.

Koala fun facts

  1. The fingerprints of a koala and a person cannot always be distinguished even with an electron microscope.
  2. The koala has one of the smallest brain volumes, only 0.2% of the total body weight.
  3. The scream of a male koala during the mating period can be heard at a distance of 1 km.
  4. In the wild, koalas live on average 12-13 years, while in the wild they can live to 18-20 years.facts about koalas
  5. The only thing koala eat is eucalyptus leaves.
  6. Koalas eat only 120 species of eucalyptus out of 800 growing in Australia.
  7. The metabolism in the body of koala is 2 times slower than in any other mammal.
  8. Koalas drink water only in the dry season or when they are sick. All the rest moisture they get from juicy eucalyptus leaves and dew.
  9. Pregnancy in female koalas lasts 30-35 days, then the baby moves to the bag, where he lives for another 6 months.
  10. The weight of an adult koala is 5-16 kg. koala.
  11. The growth of the koala reaches 60-82 cm.
  12. Sleeps koala 18 hours a day.
  13. Koala is the only species in its family of koalas.
  14. With a developed sense of smell, koalas distinguish more poisonous species of eucalyptus from the edible.
  15. Live koalas only on one continent – Australia.
  16. Most of the day, from 16 to 18 hours, koalas spend on trees and go down to earth only to switch to another tree.fun facts about koalas
  17. During the mating period, males collect harems, in one such harem, there can be from 2 to 5 females.
  18. Babies 7.5-8 months start to eat the liquid excrements of the mother, so the cubs get all the necessary bacteria for food poisoning.
  19. In recent years, the number of koalas has increased and reached 20 individuals per hectare of the eucalyptus forest.
  20. Koalas are very vulnerable to different diseases. They often have cystitis, conjunctivitis, sinusitis, and skull recoil.


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