20 interesting facts about bats

Today we will tell you interesting facts about bats.

Bats are amazing creatures, flying mammals. Despite certain similarities, there are many differences between their breeds – some of them eat floral nectar, while others prefer fresh blood. But what they all have in common is the nightlife.

Interesting facts about bats

  1. At the end of September, ecologists around the world hold festivities in honor of bats – they remind people of the need to protect and preserve these animals.
  2. The bats hunt at night and sleep upside down in quiet, dark rooms during the day.
  3. The Brazilian bat, Tadarida, can reach speeds of up to 100 km/h.
  4. Bats mainly eat insects, although their diet may also include berries, frogs, or even birds.
  5. A small mouse can swallow six hundred mosquitoes in 60 minutes. For a human, this portion of food is equivalent to two dozen pizzas.
  6. Flying mice digest food very quickly – eaten bananas and berries are fully digested by their bodies in 20 minutes.
  7. Contrary to popular belief, mice can see very well, but they are used to rely not only on their eyes but also on echolocation. Animals make sounds at frequencies that are inaccessible to the human ear, and then catch their echoes, so a detailed ‘map’ of the area appears in their heads.
  8. The bats communicate with their congeners through an ultrasonic squeak and even sing songs together.
  9. The legend of the transformation of vampires into bats and back was first described in the novel “Dracula”.
  10. Vampire bats are only found on the American continent. These beasts drink the blood of large animals, but rarely attack sleeping humans. Bats can’t live without food for more than two days. They search for potential victims with infrared vision and fine hearing that allows them to hear other animals breathing in the jungle thickets.
  11. The bites of vampire bats are painless as they inject an anesthetic enzyme into their victims’ blood. Thanks to another chemical contained in the saliva of these animals, the wound from the bite is not prolonged and bleed.
  12. Humans have almost destroyed many species of bats because of superstitious fears and myths associated with these animals in most people.
  13. There are more than 1100 species of bats in the world, only rodents are more diverse.
  14. The smallest species of mice weigh several grams, and the largest representatives of the genus grow to 1.6 kilograms.
  15. Immediately after birth, bats weigh as much as a quarter of their mother’s body.
  16. The wingspan of mice varies from 15 to 170 centimeters.
  17. Bats can cool or warm up their bodies if they wish – they become hot during hunting and cool down almost to an ice condition during sleep.
  18. Bats prefer to rest, hanging their heads down from somewhere, as it is easier for them to “fall” in the air than to fly off the ground.
  19. In Chinese, the words “happiness” and “bat” sound the same. The native Australians and Buddhists also consider these animals to be messengers of luck.
  20. Thanks to bats that kill insect pests, American farmers save up to $4 billion each year.

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