20 interesting facts about hamsters

Hamsters are cute pets, which are happily kept at home by many people.

Few people know that in the wild these funny animals lead a fairly aggressive lifestyle.

They fearlessly attack any enemy that attempts to attack their mink, and fighting among themselves hamsters are sometimes characterized by cruelty. Although, of course, it is hard to believe it, watching how a fluffy pet runs hard in the wheel. Today we will tell you interesting facts about hamsters.

Interesting facts about hamsters

  1. There are a lot of hamster species in the world. The largest of them reach a weight of 400-450 grams, and the weight of the smallest representatives of the hamster family does not exceed 10 grams.
  2. All of them have developed snap sacks, where they hide their prey.
  3. Some types of hamsters live in the mountains, at an altitude of up to 4 kilometers.
  4. The tendency of hamsters to make huge stocks of food comes from the fact that in winter they do not hibernate, and they need something to eat.
  5. Females of hamsters raise their cubs alone – males do not take part in the fate of offspring.
  6. These rodents eat grain and plants willingly but do not squeal and animal food, hunting even frogs and lizards.
  7. Rat hamster justifies its name – it looks more like a rat, though it is not.
  8. At will, hamsters mostly prefer to live in the steppes and deserts.
  9. Most hamsters swim very well, and they inflate their cheeks and use them as floats to hold on to the water more confidently.
  10. In Vietnam, the law prohibits keeping hamsters at home, because these animals can tolerate some dangerous diseases.
  11. Females of some kinds of hamsters can slow down their pregnancy if they are still nursing the previous brood.
  12. Hamsters do not know how to distinguish colors, and in general, their vision leaves much to be desired, but their sense of smell and hearing are at their best.
  13. In their cheek bags, hamsters can drag food in huge quantities – at a time a hamster can shove behind the cheeks about one-fifth of the weight of his own body.
  14. In North America, hamsters like to drag various shiny objects into their minks.
  15. The teeth of these animals grow throughout life, so they need something to chew constantly to grind them.
  16. The hamsters do not know how to recognize the height, so they can easily fall and break. This is because, in their natural habitat, they simply do not have a sense of altitude.
  17. Their pregnancy lasts only 2-3 weeks depending on the species.
  18. In most cases, hamsters can easily remember the name given to them. Although not all of them are attached to their owners.
  19. Hamster cubs are born with teeth.
  20. The famous Syrian hamster is listed on the IUCN Red List because now it is on the verge of extinction.

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