20 interesting facts about rodents

The world is home to a huge number of different rodent species, and surprisingly diverse.

Among them are very tiny creatures, and quite large. Some of them are eaten in distant countries, others are kept as pets, while the third are pests that people are actively fighting. However, it is not always successful, as these animals are surprisingly resilient. Today we will tell interesting facts about rodents.

Interesting facts about rodents

  1. The porcupines also belong to rodents. And one of their species, which lives mainly in Malaysia, is a record-breaker in longevity – the officially registered record is as much as 27 years.
  2. Beavers are more common in heraldry than most other animals. They also belong to rodents.
  3. Hamsters are not only cute and funny pets. Mexican hamsters, for example, are aggressive small predators. They hunt their prey at night.
  4. The smell of rats is sharper than any other rodent. An adult rat has about 100 thousand receptors in its nose that allow it to feel poisonous substances in a piece of food, even if the poison in the food is only about 0.001%.
  5. Some rodents can easily hunt for others.
  6. Many of them have surprisingly strong teeth. They can withstand up to 0.5 tons per 1 square centimeter of surface pressure.
  7. In cities, the number of rats is higher than the number of people living there.
  8. The number of teeth rodents have, depending on the species, varies from 12 to 22. Even the hares have not 4 teeth, as some people believe, but much more.
  9. Stony squirrels, which are found in North America, can go without water for up to 3 months because almost all the moisture they need is obtained from the food they eat.
  10. The rabbit is the fastest rodent on the planet. When running, this animal can reach speeds of up to 72 kilometers per hour.
  11. On the money of different countries sometimes depicted different rodents. For example, in Canada, the image of a beaver was used, and in Belarus – a hare.
  12. Rodents are subject to alcohol abuse, just like people. Simply put, they can become real alcoholics if they are given the opportunity.
  13. The rodents cause the greatest damage in Asia, regularly destroying rice warehouses and rice fields.
  14. The dwarf African mice that inhabit Africa are the smallest rodents in the world. The average body length of an adult usually does not exceed three centimeters.
  15. In the Middle Ages, rats were the cause of terrible epidemics that devastated Europe, as they endured deadly diseases for which at that time there was no cure.
  16. Ultrasound emitting devices that people are unable to hear are used to scare away rodent pests. For example, mice in this way can scare away, but the rats to ultrasound do not respond.
  17. A long time ago, extinct rodents of Josephoartigasia monesi were the largest rodents that ever existed on Earth. They grew to three meters in length and reached a height of one and a half meters in the crest, and looked like a capybara, which now lives in South America.
  18. One of the criteria that all rodents have is the presence of at least one pair of teeth growing throughout life, both on the lower and upper jaws.
  19. Since their teeth grow continuously, they need something to chew constantly to grind them. Otherwise, the teeth will reach such a size that the animal will not be able to eat and will starve to death as a result.
  20. The above-mentioned capybaras are the largest of the living rodents. An adult capybara can grow to 1.3 meters in length.

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