23 interesting and fun facts about dogs

Today we will tell you interesting and fun facts about dogs.

A dog is a friend of a man! At least that’s what many millions of people around the world think, who can’t imagine their lives without these four-legged, devoted, loving companions. It is no coincidence that the dog has become a symbol of devotion – these creatures are so attached to their masters that they would not hesitate to sacrifice their lives for them.

Interesting and fun facts about dogs

  1. The intelligence development of dogs is comparable to that of two-year-old babies. Dogs can remember about 250 commands expressed in gestures and words, count to 5, and solve elementary mathematical problems.
  2. Dogs can hear ultrasound that is inaccessible to the human ear. Dogs’ hearing is 10 times sharper than that of humans.
  3. In ancient China, the emperor held up a Pekinese sleeve – in case of danger the dog jumped out and attacked the enemy of the autocrat.
  4. The dog’s nose had to be wet so that it could catch the direction of the smell.
  5. Dog collars with spikes were invented by ancient Greeks to save their pets from being strangled by wolves.
  6. If a dog’s paws aren’t washed well after walking, they start smelling like corn chips.
  7. Dogs have 1700 taste buds (people have about 9000).
  8. Dogs have an excellent sense of smell. They smell 100,000 times better than humans.
  9. Dogs should not be given chocolate as it affects their heart and central nervous system.
  10. Dogs can’t tell the difference between colors.
  11. Dogs are the only animals that can recognize human emotions and empathize with their owners.
  12. The nose prints of dogs are unique and there are no two dogs in the world that are the same.
  13. The speed leader among dogs since 1994 remains a greyhound called Star Title – it managed to reach 67.32 km/h. This, of course, is inferior to the speed record holder of all terrestrial creatures – the cheetah.
  14. There are 703 thoroughbreds of dogs in the world.
  15. Dogs in Hollywood movies sign their contracts – a paw print.
  16. Puppies’ eyesight doesn’t become normal until the age of the month.
  17. Greyhounds are the only dog breed mentioned in the Bible.
  18. The body temperature of a healthy dog is between 38.3 and 39.4 degrees.
  19. The dog was first successfully cloned in South Korea in 2005.
  20. Dogs can be taught to drive – in New Zealand, where a similar experiment was conducted, four legs successfully drove in a straight line and even turned.
  21. Dogs do not like rain because the noise of falling drops is harmful to their hearing.
  22. Scientists believe that dogs can be trained to detect cancer of a specific organ.
  23. The oldest breed of dog is Saluki, such dogs were owned by high-ranking individuals in Ancient Greece.

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