25 amazing facts about honey bees

Bees enjoy the glory of tireless laborers along with ants.

And indeed – these insects have a lot in common, even though from a biological point of view there is nothing between them. But both created their civilization, and they are distinguished by their truly indefatigable diligence and teamwork. Besides, if it weren’t for bees, we would have no idea about such a healthy and delicious treat as honey. We have collected some interesting facts for you about honey bees.

Interesting facts about honey bees

  1. There are about 21 thousand species of bees in the world.
  1. Bees of one hive produce about 150 kg of honey per year.
  1. During the whole life, one bee produces about one-twelfth of a teaspoon of honey.
  1. Bees are common on all continents except Antarctica.
  1. Bees around the world pollinate more than a trillion flowers every day.
  1. To produce 1 kg of honey, bees need to visit about eight million flowers.
  1. Bees easily find their way home, even if they fly very far from their home hive in search of pollen and nectar.
  1. The average bee swarm weighs 6-8 kilograms.
  1. In one honeycomb there are about a hundred thousand pollen particles on average.
  1. Bees collect most pollen in the Siberian taiga.
  1. During the winter a bee family eats about 30-35 kg of honey on average.
  1. A bee can detect the smell of a flower with nectar at a distance of over a kilometer.
  1. A bee can lift thirty or forty times its weight, approximately like an ant.
  1. A bee can visit five or seven thousand flowers in a day.
  1. Bees communicate with each other through body movements and certain pheromones.
  1. As the findings of archaeologists have shown, ancient Egyptians knew beekeeping about seven thousand years ago.
  1. In Sri Lanka, some dishes include bees.
  1. Natural bee honey is part of the astronaut diet.
  1. By stuffing its belly with nectar, the bee loses its stinging ability.
  1. Bees from one hive cannot get into another, otherwise, they will be immediately attacked by its defenders, the other bees.
  1. Bees have five eyes each.
  1. Bees hibernate in the winter.
  1. Bees of most species, unlike wasps, die as soon as they release their sting.
  1. The bee uterus can lay up to a thousand eggs a day under favorable conditions.
  1. Bees are used when searching for explosives and show even better results than specially trained dogs.

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