27 interesting facts about gorillas

We have collected interesting facts for you about gorillas.

The world’s largest primates, gorillas, are now in danger of extinction. Human activity has brought these monkeys to the brink of extinction, robbing them of their usual habitats and bouncing them away from their homes. Now gorillas live in national parks in some African countries, and many tourists come to see them, but they need to be careful – these animals are sometimes unpredictable.

Interesting facts about gorillas

  1. An adult male can grow up to 2 meters and shoulders can be as wide as a meter.
  2. An adult gorilla is stronger than any man on Earth. On average, a male is 6-8 times stronger than a trained male.
  3. When walking on arms and legs, gorillas do not rest on the palm of their hands but on their clenched fists. Of all the monkeys, only them and the chimpanzees do so.
  4. Gorilla DNA is more than 95% similar to human DNA.
  5. In terms of kinship, gorillas are second only to two of the chimpanzees. All other monkeys are less related to humans.
  6. These wildlife animals are only found in Africa. Hunting them is prohibited everywhere.
  7. The brain volume of an adult gorilla reaches 600 cubic centimeters.
  8. Among all monkeys, the gorillas are the largest.
  9. Of all the gorilla species, there are the least mountainous left in the world, just over 600. And in captivity, they don’t even live without food.
  10. Like humans, they know how to walk straight, on two legs.
  11. The weight of an adult male gorilla can reach 200 kg, and his muscles are usually better developed than those of a professional athlete.
  12. In the first three years of their lives, gorilla cubs are completely defenseless and completely dependent on their mother to protect them.
  13. Pregnancy in gorillas lasts almost as long as in humans – about 8.5 months.
  14. These creatures usually live in groups of up to 30 individuals. At the head of the group is the strongest male, usually old and experienced. From time to time young rivals dare to challenge him.
  15. The ability to breed a gorilla is acquired only at the age of 11-13 years.
  16. Gorillas can live up to 50 years on average.
  17. Even dangerous predators like leopards avoid meeting male gorillas because the outcome of such a fight is very difficult to predict.
  18. When the enemy attacks, the males defend themselves, and the females save themselves and their cubs. In this case, the gorillas always try to scare the enemy first, growling and hitting themselves in the chest. And they also rush forward if the enemy runs, and bite it, so some tribes in Africa gorilla bite is considered a shameful wound. The reason is simple – if a hunter was bitten by a gorilla, it means that he ran away from it, and therefore he chickened out.
  19. At night gorillas always sleep, but very sensitively, and it is almost impossible to get close to them unnoticed.
  20. The male gorillas fight only to challenge the right to lead. But the females, sometimes, fight among themselves.
  21. Gorillas don’t like water, even though they can swim. They usually try to shelter themselves from the rain.
  22. About 30-35% of the gorilla’s total waking time is spent looking for food.
  23. These animals know how to make 22 different sounds that help them communicate with each other.
  24. In total, there are now only about 175,000 gorillas of all kinds left on Earth combined.
  25. These monkeys can learn the basics of sign language and communicate with humans through it. Coco’s gorilla, who lived in an American zoo, knew and used about 1,000 sign language.
  26. An adult gorilla eats up to 30 kg of plant food a day.
  27. Most of the moisture they need is obtained from the juicy leaves, so they drink water quite rarely.

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