27 interesting facts about horses

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of horses for humanity.

For centuries, these animals served people faithfully and truthfully, and in our time in some parts of the world, they are still extremely important for survival. Of course, with the development of technology, the role of horses in the economy has decreased, but in some countries, these animals are still widely used in the economy. Today we will tell you interesting facts about horses.

Facts about horses

  1. In the culture of more than two dozen peoples, the horse is considered a sacred animal.
  2. The country with the most horses is China.
  3. Domesticated horses were about 6000 years ago.
  4. In the African Masai tribe, it is believed that a man killed by a horse is sure to go to heaven.
  5. In North America, the horses were brought by Europeans. The famous Mustangs are feral descendants of these horses.
  6. Horses have colorful dreams.
  7. Many horses taste coffee.
  8. This is one of the few animals that can recognize themselves in the photo.
  9. The average lifespan of a horse is about 25-30 years.
  10. The only breed of these animals that have never tamed is the Asian wild horse.
  11. Horse eyes can move independently of each other.
  12. Horses that live with people can distinguish the different emotions sounding in the human voice.
  13. Many horses love music, but not any – relaxing melodies to their taste, in this hard rock usually annoys them.
  14. Horse hooves play the role of a pump, helping in the circulation of blood – when a horse steps on the hoof, the blood from it is pushed up into the leg.
  15. These animals know how to sleep standing up.
  16. In total, there are about 160 breeds of horses in the world.
  17. Officially registered maximum weight of a horse is 1520 kg. It was a stallion named Samson, and he was just huge and muscular, but not fat.
  18. In Hinduism, the white horse is considered one of the embodiments of the god Vishnu.
  19. More than once there were recorded cases when horses, who managed to open the doors of their stables, used this knowledge to release their locked brothers.
  20. In packs of wild horses, the leader can be either a male or a female.
  21. Large horses were brought out in the Middle Ages in Europe, as the troops needed powerful horses that could carry heavily armed knights.
  22. Their bones are stronger than most other living creatures on Earth, but if broken, they become very slow.
  23. The smallest horses in the world – Falabella, they are about the size of an adult knee.
  24. The age of horses is easily determined by an experienced specialist in the condition of her teeth.
  25. Unlike most other herd animals, horses do not necessarily have a male as a leader.
  26. The hair of New Zealand horses is almost impossible to soak – it repels the water that gets on it.
  27. There is annalistic evidence that confirms the fact that the armored horses of Crusaders, not only carried the armored knights but on horseback, pierced the walls of clay Saracen fortresses.

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