30 interesting facts about crocodiles

Crocodiles are creatures that do not look like anyone else.

Leaders are mainly aquatic, however, they can not breathe underwater, and they prefer to hunt on land animals. In the wild, crocodiles are extremely dangerous – for example, in sparsely populated areas of Australia, where they are found, you can often find warning signs about the presence of these reptiles in the vicinity. This precaution is very appropriate – crocodiles usually do not mind eating a tourist.

Facts about crocodiles

  1. Crocodiles are often confused with alligators. However, they are different animals, even if they are similar.
  2. Despite the impressive size of crocodiles, their eggs are small, not bigger than goose eggs.
  3. The closest relatives of crocodiles are, oddly enough, birds.
  4. Crocodiles are very cunning and patient. Having noticed the place where herbivores come to the watering hole, crocodiles water the shore in this place, carrying it in your mouth to make the ground slippery. If an animal that came to the water to get drunk slips, it will inevitably become a victim of a crocodile. From this fact, perhaps the expression came “crocodile tears”.
  5. When the fish go to spawn, crocodiles in the rivers lie down against the current and open their mouths. They do not even have to do anything – just close your mouth and swallow the fish, which itself jumps into it.
  6. Crocodiles, in contrast to alligators, can live not only in freshwater but also in saltwater.
  7. Protecting crocodile belly ribs is not connected to the spine.
  8. If something falls on the tongue of a crocodile, such as a drop of water, or a drop of sweat from the head of a brave trainer who stuck his head in the mouth of a predator – the crocodile immediately squeezes his jaws, because his reflex is triggered.
  9. Fed crocodile does not attack a potential victim, even when his success is almost ensured – he’s just lazy.
  10. Crocodile teeth are stacked and replaced with new ones about every two years.
  11. Leading water lifestyle crocodiles, however, lay eggs on land.
  12. Water is cooler plus 20 degrees Celsius for most crocodiles is deadly.
  13. Crocodiles have developed a kind of symbiosis with birds – it opens the mouth, and small birds puke out the pieces of meat stuck between their teeth. These birds crocodile never touches.
  14. The seeming clumsiness of crocodiles on land is very deceptive – at short distances, they can develop very high speed, especially surprising for creatures with such short legs.
  15. In the foreseeable past, on the territory of South America were still fully land crocodiles, but now there are no more – they are extinct.
  16. Crocodiles reach maturity at the age of 5-10 years, depending on the species. Larger species grow slower.
  17. Crocodiles can live by a hundred years, sometimes even more.
  18. Chew crocodiles do not know how to chew – their jaws are not adapted to this, so they tear the prey to pieces and swallow in pieces.
  19. Among the many species of crocodiles, there is cannibalism. Yes, in case of these predators do not mind to eat each other.
  20. Nile crocodile, which, as the name implies, is found in the Nile River, represents a significant threat to villagers in the vicinity of this great river.
  21. If necessary, a crocodile, which has accumulated sufficient fat reserves, may not eat for a whole year, if not more.
  22. Some crocodiles hibernate in the drought and hide at the bottom of shallow water bodies.
  23. At one time, a crocodile easily eats prey, equal to one-fifth of his body weight.
  24. Small crocodiles from one clutch of eggs hatch simultaneously. An interesting fact – if the eggs were stored at a temperature of 31-33 degrees Celsius, the males would hatch from them. If the temperature was lower or higher, the females would hatch.
  25. In the Kingdom of Thailand, there are special farms where crocodiles are grown.
  26. In the blood of crocodiles contains an analog of natural antibiotics, so their wounds usually heal quickly and without complications.
  27. The largest crocodiles can reach a length of 7 meters and weight per ton. You can meet such a monster in the north of Australia, in India and Fiji.
  28. Crocodiles swim up to 40 km/h. If they want, of course.
  29. Crocodiles have different muscles that are responsible for opening and closing the mouth. Those that slam the jaws – very strong, and those that unclench – on the contrary, so an adult can easily prevent a crocodile from opening his mouth, holding it firmly with his hands.
  30. Crocodiles sometimes swallow rocks. They help them grind food in the stomach, and at the same time, they play the role of ballast.

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