7 interesting facts about antelopes

Antelope is a majestic animal, with stunning looks and grace.

There are over 100 species and subspecies of antelope. That is, the very name “Antelope” includes many groups of animals. Some species of this animal are compared to bulls and goats by appearance. There are other interesting facts about antelopes.

The habitat of the antelope is very diverse. They are more common in the savannahs of Africa, but also live in Central Asia, North and South America. Depending on the species, antelopes prefer deserts, semi-deserts, steppes, forests, and mountainous areas. We have prepared some interesting facts about antelopes for you.

7 facts about antelopes

  1. An antelope is translated from Greek as “horned animal”. It’s the horns that are their treasure. They are very diverse in length, shape, and color.
  2. An adult antelope is 100-120 centimeters tall and weighs 120-150 kilograms. The length of life in the wild is 16-20 years, and in captivity, it is about 25.
  3. The color of short wool is very diverse: from red-brown to chestnut and black shades. Most species have the belly and front extremities of white color.
  4. Antelope nutrition also depends on the habitat. Animals are omnivores. Antelope eat grass, leaves, branches, shoots, flowers, roots, moss, and some fruits and berries.
  5. The main weapon and rescue from antelope predators are strong fast legs. Feeling the threat, the antelope rushes from all legs to run at a speed of 50 to 80 km / h. The main weapon and rescue from predators for antelopes are strong fast legs. If there is no opportunity to run and you need to protect the cubs, the enemy gets strong blows with hooves.
  6. Easy prey for predators among antelopes are calves, young, old, and sick individuals. The main enemies for antelopes are lions, wolves, bears, hyenas, cheetahs, leopards, crocodiles, eagles, and vultures.
  7. The pregnancy of antelopes lasts differently, depending on the species. The average carrying of babies is 6 to 9 months. Most often there is only one calf, which gets back on its feet after a few hours.

Top 3: The most interesting facts about antelopes

  1. The sexual maturity of this beautiful animal comes at the age of 18 to 20 months. Their mating games look like duels. The males fight with their horns, then the winner gets a harem.
  2. Antelopes have stereoscopic vision, that is, all-round visibility. They can see a predator behind their back. They can also clearly distinguish colors. This helps them to choose a certain kind of grass for their food.
  3. These animals can do without water for a long time, getting the necessary moisture from the plants.

More interesting facts about antelopes

Antelopes are herd animals and will never hurt their congeners. They only sleep a couple of hours and then on their feet, alternating guard enemies. Actively move during the daytime to better find food and notice the predator.

These were all the interesting facts about antelopes that we have prepared for you. Write what you would like to know and we will post this information on our website.

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