7 interesting facts about Arctic foxes

The Arctic fox is a predatory animal of Canidae family.

Their triangular muzzle and fluffy tail give the foxes an appearance similar to foxes. Like all foxes of this genus, foxes belong to the family of dogs. There are other interesting facts about Arctic foxes.

An animal has taken root on the islands and the coast washed away by the Arctic Ocean. Hence the alternative species names: polar or arctic fox. The average weight of the fox is only 3.5 kg and its height in the crest does not exceed 30 cm. White and blue foxes are distinguished by their color. We have collected for you the most amazing facts about Arctic foxes.

Interesting facts about Arctic foxes

  1. The blue fox lives on the islands. Meanwhile, white foxes have taken a fancy to coastal mainland areas.
  2. Arctic Foxes are the only family of dogs that dramatically change the color of their wool depending on the season. In summer, white foxes wear coffee or grey skins.
  3. The fox has many natural enemies. He is often attacked by wolves, wolverines, and even polar owls.
  4. The species name comes from the Greek language. It means “hare’s paw” in Greek.
  5. The Arctic Fox family usually includes one male, several females from different generations, and the last brood of cubs. Usually, the families live separately, but sometimes they are united in small groups.
  6. The beast is omnivorous. It is most partial to lemmings but eats plants, eggs, berries, and algae.
  7. The Arctic fox hunt exists because of the high value of fur. For northern peoples, it forms the basis of the entire fur market.

TOP 3 most interesting facts about Arctic foxes

  1. In winter, sly foxes often become invisible companions of polar bears. So they can enjoy the remains of someone else’s successful hunting without wasting their strength.
  2. The beast can survive a few days of hunger strike. During this time, it is maintained by a natural stock of natural fat.
  3. Foxes have a special status in Iceland. It’s the only land mammal living in the country.

More interesting facts about Arctic foxes

Arctic fox dens are intricate stroke systems. Such labyrinths protect offspring and allow them to hide successfully from predators. However, the greatest threat to the population is still human. A minimum of 20 fox skins is required to create one coat.

The other threat to foxes is the red fox. Due to global warming, it is moving further north, expanding its territory and becoming a dangerous competitor to foxes.

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