7 Interesting facts about buffalo

Buffalos are native inhabitants of the American prairies.

They have dominated these territories undivided for tens of thousands of years. Indian tribes that hunted these majestic animals did not cause significant damage to the buffalo herds until Europeans came to appreciate the meat and skins of these wild bulls. 

Once upon a time, wild buffalo walked in huge herds all over North America. But now there are only 30,000 of them left in Yellowstone National Park. All the other buffalos are residents of farms where they’re specially bred for meat and hides. We’ve collected some of the most interesting facts about the buffalo for you.

7 facts about the buffalo

  1. There are hardly any purebred buffalo left in the world. A large part of the population has buffalo or domestic cows in its genealogy.
  2. Buffalo wool is an excellent insulator. The snow on it never melts.
  3. Adult buffalo rarely weigh less than a ton. That doesn’t stop them from running at 65 км\ч and jumping a meter eighty high.
  4. The Americans massacred the buffalo. Despite this, the contribution to the state economy from this hunt was negligible: for the whole XIX century, it was $ 20,000,000, that is, each killed animal was worth 28 cents.
  5. With the advent of the railroads, a very popular entertainment arose in America. The spore hunters shot buffalo from the window of a moving train.
  6. During the race, the males began to fight for females. The crackling of their horns can be heard over a mile.
  7. Buffalo urine is an excellent fertilizer. It’s where the popular vodka flavor, buffalo grass, grows.

Top-3 most interesting facts about buffalo

  1. Buffalos like to itch. When they telegraphed in America, thousands of animals would come up to the poles and itch about them. Even bladed poles couldn’t save the telegraph lines from being interrupted.
  2. The Indians depended on the buffalo in everything. When the U.S. government learned of this, it encouraged hunting for them in every way it could, to survive the prairie Indians.
  3. People often don’t see the buffalo as a threat. Nevertheless, the buffalo attack people more often than other inhabitants of the North American continent.

Little-known buffalo facts

  • Buffalos were an integral part of the prairies. They grazed in the meadows, plowing them with their hooves and fertilizing with feces. Meadow dogs often settled in places where a herd of buffaloes passed. Buffalo-cut grass made it easier to spot predators.
  • Buffalo is now successfully settled all over North America. But there’s only the bottom of the continent where they’ve always lived and survived after being exterminated by humans. This is Yellowstone National Park. That’s where the buffalo that aren’t yet related to cows and buffalo live.


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