7 interesting facts about chimpanzees

Chimpanzees are surprisingly similar to people.

They are smart, easy to learn, and very attached to people, if, of course, they treat them well. There are only two species among chimpanzees: ordinary and dwarf chimpanzees. The latter is sometimes also called bonobo. There are other interesting facts about chimpanzees.

At present, both species are in danger of extinction. Chimpanzees live in central and western parts of Africa. These animals prefer to settle in groups of ten to twelve individuals. We have collected for you the most amazing facts about chimpanzees.

7 facts about chimpanzees

  1. According to studies, the genome of chimpanzees differs from humans by only 6.4%.
  2. These animals are characterized by omnivores. They eat fruits and leaves. They can eat insects small and even small vertebrates.
  3. Their social groups are called communities. The groups are built on the principle of strict hierarchy, and the individuals demonstrate developed social behavior.
  4. Interestingly, an alpha male is not necessarily the largest and strongest. Usually, they are the most cunning chimpanzees, capable of controlling other individuals through manipulation.
  5. The decision to choose a dominant male is often left to the females. They can also “make a coup” and prepare a replacement if the current alpha is not to their advantage.
  6. In the wild, chimpanzees quietly use tools. Sometimes even two at the same time.
  7. All chimpanzees easily pass a mirror test, ie, and can recognize themselves in the mirror. Such a result indicates that they have self-awareness.

TOP 3: the most interesting facts about chimpanzees

  1. The source of the name “chimpanzees” is most likely Tshiluba, a language common in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The word prototype “kivili-chimpanzees” literally translates as “human-like”.
  2. The dwarf chimpanzees are not small in size. It is not inferior to an ordinary chimpanzee, although its body is less dense.
  3. Chimpanzees can learn sign language and use it to communicate with a person.

More interesting facts about chimpanzees

Scientists have found that the general intelligence factor in chimpanzees is determined primarily by genetic characteristics. Inheritance has the strongest influence on their communication skills.

At the Institute for Primate Research, chimpanzees called Ayumu were brought up. It had an amazing ability to memorize the location of numerical rows on the screen with subsequent accurate reproduction. Surprisingly, the chimp managed to memorize the chimpanzees in less than half a second, much faster than university students who tried to repeat the experiment.

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