7 interesting facts about foxes

Today almost every family has a pet.

Those we now consider pets were previously wild exotic. People have tamed many of the fauna, continue to do so, and we think we all know about them. But animals can surprise us. We will tell you the most interesting facts about the fox.

These are the closest relatives of jackals, dogs, and wolves. However, these beasts have different habits. Foxes are very careful predators with excellent hearing and smell. We have collected other amazing facts about foxes.

7 interesting and surprising facts about foxes

  1. It’s worth starting with the fact that there are many fox species on the planet. Almost every country has its subspecies. But the most amazing thing is that the smallest representative lives in the deserts – a Fennec, which reaches only 1.5 kg.
  2. Another interesting fact is that people have tried to tame the foxes much earlier than in the 21st century. Archaeologists in Jordan have found a human burial site with the remains of a domestic fox, indicating that red beasts were tamed even earlier than a dog.
  3. Although the foxes belong to a family of dogs, they have many similarities with cats. Both families hunt at night, have a similar strategy in the victim’s enclosure, and can see well in the dark.
  4. Nobody knows for sure, but it is probably the similarity with cats that causes the fourth fact – foxes steal golf balls. The beasts are very playful and have caused a lot of damage to golf clubs.
  5. However, one should not think that the fox is a mixture of a dog and a cat. The fox can easily prove itself to be a different animal by making more than 40 different sounds that serve different needs.
  6. Foxes use sounds during their breeding season and also dance on their hind legs in front of the female. This dance is called fox foxtrot.
  7. When foxes breed, they keep their cubs safe and spend all the time in the hole. But foxes don’t dig them on their own. They capture abandoned or temporarily empty burrows of badgers, foxes, or marmots. If the burrow has an owner, the fox marks the premises and nobody else but the family goes there.

TOP 3: The most interesting facts about a fox

  1. Foxes live in wildlife for 6-8 years. However, it’s hard to even believe that these animals can live more than 25 years in captivity.
  2. Surely a lot of people remember a character named Zorro. However, few people know that Zorro is a Spanish fox, and the character got his name for the cunning and agility of this animal.
  3. Also, the foxes prove their ingenuity not only in films and fairy tales but also in life. Whatever it takes to get rid of fleas. The fox digs out moss or grass, plunges into the water with it, the fleas gradually move to plants, and the cunning animal throws it into a river or lake, coming out on land in proud solitude.

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