7 interesting facts about hyenas

Hyenas are predators that live mostly in Africa.

That’s where the diversity of these animals can be found. They inhabit the southern fringes of the Sahara, north-east Africa and the savannahs south of Ethiopia. There are other interesting facts about hyenas.

Unlike the famous big cats, hyenas are not popular. Some get universal love on the Internet, others are closely associated with meanness and betrayal. And for nothing! These are extremely curious creatures, and we have collected the most amazing facts about hyenas for you.

7 facts about hyenas

  1. Contrary to popular belief, hyenas are a suborder of cats, not dogs. That makes them much more related to lions than they are to wolves, for example.
  2. Currently, there are four species of hyenas in the family. These are spotted brown and striped hyenas and the earth wolf.
  3. Hyena clans and lion pride are indeed often neighbors in the same area, which generates serious competition.
  4. In contrast to all the same lion pride swarms of hyenas have a matriarchal structure. This means that the female queen is in charge.
  5. Besides Africa, hyenas are also found in India and the Middle East.
  6. The hind legs of the hyenas are shorter than the front legs. This makes their backs look not straight, but rather sloping and gives the impression that the hyenas are hunched while walking.
  7. Hyenas used to be thought to have hermaphroditism and homosexual relations. However, this is not the case at all. The specific structure of female genitalia is to blame for the emergence of erroneous judgments.

Top 3 most interesting facts about hyenas

  1. Hyenas are not scavengers! They kill over 80% of their victims while hunting.
  2. Hyena hunters are much better than lions. Hyenas are much more successful than their competitors in hunting thanks to their concerted action.
  3. Hyenas don’t usually try to take their prey away from the Pride, but lions often attack the game caught by hyenas.

More interesting facts about hyenas

The famous laughter of the hyenas is a cacophony of sounds similar to simultaneous laughter, howling, and growling. It does not sound very pleasant to the human ear, but it is “laughter” that is responsible for much of the “social communication” in the pack. For example, hyenas use it to control the order of eating according to the clan hierarchy.

Hyenas are interesting animals that have been undeservedly neglected. They owe their bad fame to the large number of myths surrounding their species. Having dealt with some myths about hyenas, it is worth thinking about what other wildlife animals are not really what they seem.

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