7 interesting facts about koalas

Koala is the national symbol of the Australian state of Queensland.

It’s easy to get used to people, friendly. It’s only inhabited in Australia. Weighing 10 kilos, the koala is about 60 to 80 centimeters tall. The fur of the koala is grey. It is 2-3 centimeters thick, UV-proof and waterproof, so the sun and rain are no problem for the koala. There are other interesting facts about koalas.

In zoos, koala lives about 13 – 18 years. But life expectancy in the natural environment scientists have not yet found out. These are very amazing creatures. We have collected the most interesting facts about the koalas for you.

7 facts about koalas

  1. The koala has no enemies. But these cute animals often have different diseases. There are koalas throughout Australia, with koalas parks, community organizations, and veterinary clinics that monitor and treat sick animals.
  2. The ancestors of koalas had their brains all over their skulls and their diet was dominated by meat. Modern koalas eat only eucalyptus leaves, so their brains occupy only 0.2% of body weight.
  3. Eucalyptus juice contains poison, which is dangerous for all animals. But not koalas. The fact is that these animals have a perfectly developed sense of smell, thanks to this produce less poisonous leaves. And the intestinal microflora destroys the poison. Of the 1000 species of eucalyptus, only 120 are eaten.
  4. The energy value of eucalyptus is very low, so koalas can sit still for 18 hours a day. Slow metabolism also plays a role here.
  5. “Koala” translates as “does not drink” – cute beasts hardly drink water except during illness and drought. The necessary amount of moisture is absorbed through the eucalyptus leaves.
  6. Due to their lack of understanding, koalas often die in a fire, because instead of climbing down from trees, they cling to them more strongly. For this reason, the Australian authorities have established a special service that monitors the forest during drought and heat so there are no fires.
  7. Unlike their close relatives, Wombats, koalas are not able to defend themselves. If a koala is struck, she will just sit there and look at her abuser or run away. If it realizes that.

Top 3 most interesting facts about koalas

  1. If you compare a human fingerprint with a koala under a microscope, the differences cannot be found.
  2. Koalas are very slow and passive individuals, but they swim very well.
  3. If koalas are frightened or hurt, they cry like babies. (There are many videos on YouTube).

The koalas are single. Males are constantly moving, females with calves live in a separate area. There are fewer males than females, so there is matriarchy among these animals.

In the early 1900s, hunting for the sake of fur, the immediate spread of diseases became the cause of almost the destruction of the population. But since 1927, the government has banned hunting and began to restore the population of cute animals. The restoration lasted more than 20 years.

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