7 interesting facts about lemmings

Lemmings are a small rodent belonging to the family of Cricetidae living in the north.

Lemming and the hamster are so similar that a person can’t tell them apart right away. The body length of a lemming is no more than 16 cm and its weight does not exceed 85 grams. These are not all interesting facts about lemmings.

These animals are considered selfish, as they live alone and take care only of themselves. They live far away from each other and do not tolerate strangers on their territory. When they meet the enemy or even a man, they stand on their hind legs, squeal and try to bite. With such protection, it is impossible to carefully protect yourself from your main enemies – owls and ermines. We have collected 7 interesting facts about lemmings for you.

7 facts about lemmings

  1. These animals live in the tundra and forest-tundra of North America. However, cases of lemmings living in Eurasia have been recorded.
  2. They eat lemmings with plant food and sometimes eat small insects. They like to eat berries, moss, grass, trees, and shrubs. They can even occasionally chew the antlers of deer. They are very gluttonous and can eat twice as much food as themselves in a day.
  3. In search of food, lemmings are constantly moving around. Sometimes they get into bodies of water or settlements. On this journey, there’s a good chance they’ll die under the wheels of cars or drown.
  4. These animals have a very inclined character. They can’t get along with their neighbors and other animals. Family members constantly find out the relationship with fights and can not divide the territory.
  5. Lemmings are very fertile. They do not hibernate, so even in the coldest winter, they bring offspring. In a year, the female twice manages to become a mother, bringing 4-6 cubs each. Three weeks later, the babies become independent, and two months later comes sexual maturity.
  6. Life expectancy is not long, only 2 years.
  7. These animals, like hamsters, are completely covered with thick fur. That’s what saves them in cold winter.

Top-3 most interesting facts about lemmings

  1. Interesting features can also be traced to the behavior of lemmings. With a sharp increase in numbers of these animals, they migrate to the sea in mass. Diving into the water, they try to swim, but they sink. It’s not yet an understandable phenomenon.
  2. In winter, the lemming claws are transformed. They become like hooves. The color of the coat also changes: it becomes completely white.
  3. Lemmings are the spreader of all kinds of diseases. A lemming caught by a predator can infect it from the inside, and it will also die.

Although these animals look like hamsters on the outside and some of their behavior, a man could not tame them.

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