7 interesting facts about leopards

The leopard is a wild predator belonging to a family of cats.

This graceful and clever animal can move quickly on land and water. The leopard has a powerful body and exceeds the size of cheetahs, although it is inferior in speed. Covered in the forests and open spaces of Africa and Asia, the animal actively hunts for weaker representatives of the fauna. Sometimes it attacks a man. There are other interesting facts about leopards.

With its growling and purring, the leopard is very similar to a domestic cat. Exotic predator has beautiful eyes and unusual skin color, and on the whole surface of its ankles are strong muscles, making the legs of the animal strong. We present the most interesting facts about leopards, which we managed to collect.

7 facts about leopards

  1. After getting food, the leopard skilfully drags his prey into the tree and eats it there.
  2. The leopard’s cubs are born with blue eyes. The color of their eyes begins to change as they grow older.
  3. The leopard’s tail has a balancing function. With its help, the animal can easily keep its balance and climb the branches of trees.
  4. The famous black panther is not a separate kind of animal, but a kind of leopard. What distinguishes it from the rest of the animals is the black color of its hide.
  5. The color of newborn calves in one litter can be different. So at one time, the female can give birth to two or three babies, among which can be both spotted and black leopards.
  6. Leopards can hunt even in water due to their excellent swimming skills. That’s why the animals catch fish or crabs for lunch.
  7. Leopards can also cross paths with other wild cats. Most often it is mated with lions, cougars, and cheetahs. Such offspring survive successfully, but cannot reproduce.

TOP 3: The most interesting facts about leopards

  1. The stain on the leopard’s skin is its original code. Although all leopard skins seem similar to humans, there are no identical canvases on leopards. Each speckled pattern is unique and identifies an individual.
  2. Less than half of small leopards live to 1 year. Often they are destroyed by males from another flock, which removes all obstacles on the way to the female.
  3. Leopards see and hear much better than humans. Their hearing is 5 times better than human hearing, and their night vision is amazing.

More interesting facts about leopards

The number of leopards in nature is greater than the number of other wild cats. Only certain predators, such as the Amur leopard, are at risk of extinction. At present, the species is listed in the Red Book and is protected by many countries.

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