7 interesting facts about lions

The lion has long been considered the king of the beasts, as well as a symbol of courage and valor.

As far back as Ancient Egypt, this animal deserved special attention, being considered a sacred creature. Today, a brave and strong predator can be found on the vast African continent. A lion inhabiting the wild can be domesticated. Domestication allows him to participate in circus performances and perform complex tricks. There are other interesting facts about lions.

Lions live in families, which distinguishes them from other cat lions. Taking care of survival takes the female, the male also drives away from the congeners of dangerous wild animals. At a time a lion can eat up to 30 kg of meat, and the predator attacks people very rarely, only in the absence of any other prey. We have prepared the most interesting facts about lions.

7 interesting and amazing facts about lions

  1. Among all the predators in Africa, the lion has the smallest heart. The same size that’s disproportionate to the body is the brain of an animal.
  2. Once upon a time, lions could be easily found in Europe. A predator symbolizing courage and valor was exterminated by humans. Today, only tame animals are found on the European continent.
  3. The lion is hunted only with a strong sense of hunger. Once fed, a lion will not move without a serious reason. Females are the most frequently hunted.
  4. Adult age begins for a lion at two years. A lion cub appears with a mane, he learns to growl, frightening away enemies.
  5. Like other cats, cubs of a lion are born blind and do not move well after birth.
  6. The lion spends about 20 hours of the full day sleeping. In principle, like other cats.
  7. The fight of two males is tough, but in accordance with the rules. If one of the opponents wants to admit his defeat, he lies down on his back paws upwards, thus avoiding a fatal fate.

TOP 3: The most interesting facts about lions

  1. The lion does not chew the food with its jaws, but swallows it immediately in large pieces. For this purpose, the lion has 30 strong teeth and a powerful jaw.
  2. In the Roman Empire, the lion played the role of an executioner. Those sentenced to death were placed in a cage with a lion. If the criminal survived, he was released.
  3. Lions don’t look the same at all. The muzzle of a male is as unique as the human appearance and fingerprint.

More interesting facts about lions

In captivity, lions live much longer than their wild relatives. In natural conditions, the life expectancy of a lion in the scorching sun under constant attacks is only 15 years out of 30 possible.

These were all the interesting facts about lions that we prepared. Don’t forget, there are still many interesting things in the world!

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