7 interesting facts about pumas

The cat puma is the largest cat in North America and the second-largest in the New World.

They used to be sacred animals in some Indian tribes. When the Europeans came, pumas became an endangered species. This problem affected many animals that were massacred by the settlers. That’s not all the interesting facts about pumas.

Pumas have many names: mountain lion, puma, panther. By this parameter, puma became a record-breaker, it was listed in the Guinness Book of Records as an animal with the most names. We’ve collected some of the most unusual facts about pumas for you. It’s a really rare animal species that deserves a lot of attention.

7 facts about pumas

  1. The puma hunts very well. Approximately 82% of its output ends in catching prey. This is not wise in principle, given that this cat’s jump can be up to 12 meters long.
  2. Besides, a puma never eats a scavenger. All its food, it catches and kills itself. There are cases when a puma attacks alligators and comes out the winner.
  3. The puma has a very interesting way of communicating with the cubs. To call them or warn them of danger, she tweeted like a bird. In this dialect, she only communicates with kittens.
  4. The puma’s main diet is deer and snow rams. But in hungry times, this big cat can even hunt insects.
  5. The closer it gets to the equator, the fewer pumas it has. And conversely, closer to the poles, the pumas are getting bigger. It’s an anomaly only found in this family of cats.
  6. Pumas go hunting at dawn or just after sunset. The rest of the time, they rest in a secluded place.
  7. Pumas can speed up to 70 kilometers per hour. But it won’t take them long. But this sprint is enough for a successful hunt.

Top 3: The most interesting facts about Pumas

  1. Pumas can overcome obstacles that are over 6 meters high. They climb trees very well. In general, hiding in the jungle from this predator is almost not real.
  2. Everyone knows the gray or sandy skin of a puma. But few people know that kittens are spotty. They don’t get a monochrome color until the seventh month of their lives.
  3. Leopards and pumas can be crossed. They make puma-leopards that can’t survive in the wild.

Little known facts about Pumas

Wherever puma lives, she’s at war with her hunting roommates. Bears in the north, jaguars in the south, and alligators in Florida, she fights for prey. But the only enemy they have is a man. People exterminate pumas for hides.

The Pumas are heavily guarded now. In Canada and the United States, any hunting for them is forbidden. But despite this, the population of pumas continues to decline, and perhaps our children will no longer see these magnificent animals.

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