7 interesting facts about seagulls

It’s hard to imagine a sea coast without these birds.

They live wherever you can catch water dwellers or collect scraps. The seagull is an aggressive and skittish bird. They live in large groups and constantly fight for a better place or food. Sometimes these fights go as far as destroying eggs and killing chicks. And they meet in every corner of the world. Regardless of their habitat, the character of the birds does not change. That’s not all the interesting facts about seagulls.

The relationship between gulls exists only at the level of hunting together. Otherwise, these birds try not to come into contact with each other. There are no contacts at all between different kinds of gulls. Only occasionally a bigger bird eats a smaller fellow. Curiously, these birds are considered real universals. They fly very well, can run and dive very fast. We have collected for you the most interesting and surprising facts about seagulls, which you did not know exactly about.

7 facts about seagulls

It’s all right if one clutch dies. The female will instantly lay a few more eggs. They can repeat this process up to four times.

Gulls often settle in cities near rivers or seas. Then they prefer not to hunt in the sea, but to dig in the garbage and other scum.

These birds rarely have permanent access to freshwater. That’s why they’ve learned to drink seawater by filtering out unnecessary substances.

All seagulls are active during the day. Only the Galapagos species hunts at night and sleeps in a secluded place during the day.

Often cormorants or wild ducks settle with the seagulls. They manage to coexist peacefully with each other as long as they do not violate each other’s territorial boundaries.

These birds are real sea robbers. They often attack other birds and take away their prey. If it was done by a group, the birds will start fighting for the right to take their prey.

Gulls have membranes on their paws. But despite this, they prefer not to swim, but to walk along the shore or rest sitting on the water.

Top 3 most interesting facts about seagulls

These birds aren’t just attacking each other. If someone enters the colony, all the birds – and there may be several tens of thousands of them – will rush to defend their land. They fight so fiercely, they can kill any animal.

Sailors have learned from the behavior of these birds to determine the proximity of the storm. If the birds are sitting on masts or water, they don’t have to be afraid of the storm.

These birds in cities don’t just collect waste. They can fly into the busy streets and beg for food from passers-by.

A seagull: natural enemies, a population

These birds have no natural enemies. They furiously defend the entire colony if someone attacks them. Single seagulls can occasionally be attacked by an eagle or a hawk, but it does them no harm. Much more they suffer from themselves. Huge colonies are quickly depleting their food base, and the birds have to get out of their way and look for a new home.

Seagulls don’t suffer from humans. The more human settlements, the more birds will flock to them hoping for something to eat. Gulls can accompany fishing boats in the hope that something will be thrown at them. The population of these birds is constantly growing as more and more places appear where they can find food and nothing else they need.

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