7 interesting facts about squirrels

A squirrel is a cute little mammal with a long, fluffy tail.

These animals live almost everywhere except Antarctica and Australia. They don’t have a very good memory. They can easily forget where they hid their supplies. But they don’t take much time to set up a new warehouse. These aren’t all the interesting facts about squirrels.

Their dignity is their tail. It’s usually longer than the torso. If a squirrel gets its tail wet while swimming, it dies. It’s because the wet tail gets very heavy and drags the squirrel to the bottom. Surprisingly, males are attracted only to females with beautiful and lush tails.

7 interesting and amazing facts about squirrels

  1. It’s been proven that squirrels existed 52 million years ago. And there have been no obvious changes in their appearance during that time.
  2. Squirrel, as everyone knows, feeds on nuts, cones, and seeds of coniferous trees. When this food is not enough, it can pamper itself with the eggs of small birds. This animal is contraindicated to eat peanuts because the squirrel from these nuts does not absorb the body.
  3. These beasts are very fertile. In one year, the female can bring her offspring three times. Pregnancy lasts from 35 to 40 days. In a litter from 3 to 10 squirrels, each weighing up to 50 grams. Babies are born blind, with no teeth and claws. Interestingly, in captivity, the squirrels do not reproduce.
  4. In wintertime, the squirrels nest so they don’t freeze up. They store about 2500 nuts and gather in nests of 4-6 individuals.
  5. The genus of squirrels includes about 300 species. The life expectancy of all species is the same: from 3 to 5 years on the loose, in captivity – from 10 to 13.
  6. Squirrels lead mainly to night and evening life. They are well oriented and can see in the dark, which is an excellent factor for late forage collection.
  7. Squirrel front teeth do not stop growing throughout their lives. If they grow too big, the squirrel cannot split the nut and starves to death. They need something to chew on all the time to get too long.

TOP 3: The most interesting facts about squirrels

  1. This animal has tusks up to two times a year. The color of its wool varies from light red to grey-brown.
  2. The length of the body of a squirrel without a tail reaches 25 cm, weight no more than 2 kg.
  3. These animals have a well-developed sense of smell. With its help, they can smell their favorite delicacies within 2 km, and during the mating period – females.

Squirrels are fast, brave, and intelligent animals. They are the “favorites” of man and it is not surprising, because animals always reciprocate. Remarkably, the squirrels feel quite comfortable in captivity. Did you like the article? Then share it with your friends.

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