A flock of emu occupied an Australian city

Large non-flighting birds weighing about 40 kilograms destroy lawns, steal food from locals, and organize scuffles.

Emu settled in the outskirts of the city of Nannup in the west of Australia quite a long time ago. However, in mid-2019, the birds decided to move to the settlement. According to the president of the city council Tony Dean, birds attracted an abundance of readily available food, in particular fruits from the gardens of citizens.

A part of Nannup’s population demands that the authorities stop the pushy bird invasion. The reaction to the complaints was a memo that suggested driving uninvited guests away with loud sounds or watering them with water from hoses. However, animal protectors found such methods to encourage cruelty to animals.

It is noted that another part of Nannup residents believes that the presence of emus gives the town a unique and peculiar flavor.

Wildlife conservationists found it difficult to answer how long the birds would stay in the city. They suggested that the animals that grew on its territory may not want to leave the settlement at all because they consider it their home.

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