A newborn Baltic seal was rescued in St. Petersburg

A man noticed a tiny seal on the ice of the Gulf of Finland, which persistently crawled to the shore.

To help the animal, he contacted the staff of the “Baltic Seal Friends Fund”.

The incident took place on February 5 in the village of Strelna.

Rescuers who arrived on the call found a three-day seal, which injured itself on the sharp ice fragments. The Foundation’s specialists determined that the found cub was a female. Probably, she was lost during the storm.

The motherless baby was called Xenia. She is to undergo rehabilitation at the Marine Mammal Research and Conservation Center located in Repino. When Xenia grows up, gets stronger, and is ready for independent life, she will be released into her natural habitat.

Specialists believe that as a result of abnormally warm winter the breeding season of seals has shifted: usually, it begins in the second half of February.

newborn Baltic seal

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