A particularly dangerous cow was chased by police in a helicopter

A large, fallow-hoofed animal escaped from a farm and caused a riot in the district of Lower Franconia, Germany.

The incident was reported by UPI on October 21.

The cow, weighing 1,300 pounds (590 kilograms), broke loose and completely destroyed a greenhouse, damaged a police car, and destroyed a scooter.

The owner of the animal attempted to return the cattle to the farm on his own but was knocked down and sustained minor injuries. Law enforcement officers were engaged in catching the furious fowl. Several cars and a helicopter were involved in the chase.

After four hours of pursuit, the aggressive cow was driven to a dead end. Then the veterinarian neutralized her with a tranquilizer dart fired from a blowgun. The specialist claims that the dose of the drug used is capable of pacifying the elephant.

The fugitive has been successfully returned to her owner’s farm.

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