A serene porcupine puzzled a leopard that attacked it

A traveler videotaped the unsuccessful attempt of a predatory cat to catch a spiny rodent in South Africa.

The Daily Mail published a video of the incident.

Gerrit Meyer filmed the confrontation between the animals while driving in the Kruger National Park.

The leopard approached the porcupine from behind and tried to grab it with its teeth, but it pricked itself against the spreading thorns. The spotted predator was not deterred by failures, and it persistently continued its attempts.A serene porcupine

The chosen method of hunting failed for a long time. Then the wild spotted cat decided to change tactics: he fell on his side and struck the rodent with his paw. But he failed again, pricking himself on the needles. Eventually, the leopard gave up and lay down on the road, looking puzzled in the direction of the camera.

All the while, the porcupine looked unperturbed and walked in circles in a measured fashion.

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