Amazing facts about a peacock

 The peacock is rightly considered one of the most beautiful birds in the world.

It is small, resembling a chicken, but with a magnificent tail fan. Only males have this tail and bright coloring. Females are much more modestly colored. It is noteworthy, but these painted birds belong to the group of hens. They are direct relatives of domestic hens and pheasants. The international scientific name of an ordinary peacock is Pavo cristatus. These are not all interesting facts about a peacock.

Tail fins of peacocks are necessary not only for the charm of females. The stains on feathers resemble eyes, and the bird uses them for protection. A predator hesitates to get in touch with the bird when the whole hundred eyes look at him. Peacocks themselves are also predators. They hunt snakes, not afraid to engage in a battle with a five-meter cobra. At the same time, the birds with a lush tail are unpretentious to the living conditions and can adapt to any environment. We have collected for you the most interesting and surprising facts about a peacock.

7 facts about a peacock

  1. The body length of the peacock is about a meter. Together with the tail, the length of the peacock is three times longer.
  2. Peacocks in the East were considered a symbol of kingliness and were sacred birds. So they lived at every palace or temple.
  3. The tail of the peacocks does not grow from birth. It begins to grow at the age of 3 – 4 years.
  4. The homeland of peacocks is considered Asia. But the population of peacocks is also in Africa. They are called Congolese peacocks. Now they are on the verge of extinction.
  5. It is believed that peacocks can only walk on the ground. But they can also fly. A long-tail does not bother them at all.
  6. Peacocks are of real longevity. In nature, they live for about 20 years, and in captivity, they can live for even half a century.
  7. Peacock feathers are a popular ornament for the home. There were times when they were in almost every apartment. To get them, not a single bird was killed. Once a year, the peacocks are molted, completely dropping their tail. That is why they are always so bright.

Top 3 most interesting facts about a peacock

  1. A luxurious peacock tail fan is not a tail at all. There are feathers growing above the tail, and the tail itself is much less visible.
  2. There is also a white peacock. This is not an albino and not a separate species. It is just a genetic mutation that allowed them to stand out as a separate subspecies.
  3. In Asia, peacocks are considered a symbol of pride and immortality. And in Russia peacocks represented narcissism and selfishness. From here, the expression appeared: dissolve the tail like a peacock.

Little known facts about peacocks

Peacock meat has long been considered a delicacy. For many centuries, it was on the tables of European monarchs and most noble nobles. Now peacock meat is no longer considered a delicacy, and breeding of these birds for gastronomic purposes is almost completely over.

But peacocks’ problems have not diminished. Even in the absence of hunting, they die from predators and chemicals in their habitats. The green peacock suffers the most from it, it is declared extinct. The Congo peafowl suffers a little less, but it is also considered vulnerable. Only the Indian peacock still does not suffer from human activity, although these peacocks are domesticated by man.

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