12 Interesting Facts About Foxes

Murphy Scott

The fox is a beast that is synonymous with cunning. And, by the way, quite deservedly – foxes are not only clever but also cunning, which allows them to survive in the harsh nature. Even though civilization is actively spreading, the foxes still successfully live in the forests, surrounded by cities and villages, while managing to almost not get caught in the eyes of their enemies – people.

Amazing fox facts

Photo by PixabayPhoto by Pixabay

1. Foxes are really curious animals as they are told.

2. On the territory of Jordan, archaeologists found a tomb with the remains of a man and his foxes, apparently, handmade. If archaeologists are right, then ancient people tried to domesticate foxes even earlier than dogs.

3. Many foxes love to play with the ball. Which one – they don’t care, as long as it was round and rolled well.

4. A fox can hear and smell a mouse under a meter thick layer of snow.

5. The fox can run fast all night long without stopping.

6. Hunting a fox has become so popular not so much because of its fur, but because of the complexity of the event. Fortunately, in most countries these days it’s forbidden.

7. Although the foxes are distant relatives of dogs and wolves, they live alone, not bunching in packs.

8. Foxes navigate the Earth’s magnetic field, like turtles.

9. The smallest fox is a desert fox or fennec. These creatures are known for being very sociable, and they produce surprisingly loud sounds for such compact creatures. The weight of an adult fennec usually does not exceed one and a half kilograms.

10. A domesticated breed of foxes was bred in the 1960s in the USSR. The cost of such a fox is about half a million rubles.

11. The Arctic Fox can withstand temperatures up to -70 degrees. Also, in winter it gets white wool to blend in with snow.

12. The fox can pronounce about forty different sounds.