24 Interesting Facts About Guinea Pigs

Charlotte Green

Guinea pigs are cute fluffy creatures, which many people keep as pets. They are easy to tame, and, being raised at home, they become devoted and affectionate pets. In suitable conditions, surrounded by care and having the right diet, guinea pigs can live long enough, pleasing their owners with their attention. Today we will tell you interesting facts about guinea pigs.

Interesting facts about guinea pigs

Photo by Pixabay on pexelsPhoto by Pixabay on pexels

1.The guinea pigs have 4 toes on their front legs and only 3 toes on their rear legs.

2.The guinea pigs remember their owners not only by smell but also by face.

3.These rodents were tamed by Incas, for which they served as a source of valuable meat.

4.People of Moche culture worshipped guinea pigs and created works of art dedicated to these animals.

5.Meat delicacies from guinea pigs are still served in many places in Peru and Ecuador.

6.The body length of guinea pigs reaches 35 centimeters and the weight of adult males is 1.5 kg.

7.Guinea pigs have to eat constantly and in small portions because of the special structure of the digestive system.

8.These rodents must eat their litter to be healthy – they can absorb vitamins from groups K and B only during the second passage of products containing them through the digestive tract.

9.Guinea pigs are kind and sociable pets. They remember their name, like to sit on their hands and purr when they are stroked.

10.Pregnant guinea pigs, and occasionally males, make a chirping, similar to the singing of birds.

11.Guinea pigs usually live for about 5 years, but with good care, their life can be extended for several more years.

12.Guinea pigs become adults and can reproduce a month after birth.

13.Guinea pigs should not be given penicillin, because for them it is a deadly poison.

14.The teeth of guinea pigs grow all their life, so they need to learn about food.

15.When guinea pigs are happy, they stretch or jump on the spot.

16.The oldest guinea pig lived up to 15 years – this achievement is recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records.

17.The guinea pig’s DNA consists of 64 chromosomes (18 less in humans).

18.Pregnant guinea pigs may change their mind about becoming a mother – then the calves are dissolved inside her body or canned for several years.

19.The guinea pigs sleep for 10 minutes several times a day, the rest of the time they are awake.

20.The guinea pigs have a high body temperature, so in heat, they can easily overheat and get heatstroke.

21.The guinea pigs can be seriously affected even by falling from a low altitude.

22.Guinea pigs, unlike other rodents, such as mice, can distinguish colors.

23.The wool length of Peruvian guinea pigs can be up to 50 centimeters.

24.The guinea pigs appeared in Europe after Christopher Columbus discovered America.

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Fun Facts about Guinea Pigs

Photo by Scott Webb on pexelsPhoto by Scott Webb on pexels

The guinea pig is one of the most popular pets around the world. It is a member of the family Caviidae and belongs to the genus Cavia. Learn about the fascinating facts about this pet so that you can enjoy them too. Read on to discover a variety of interesting facts about guinea pig care. This adorable pet is a wonderful way to spend time with your kids and will make them feel important and valued.

Aside from being cute, guinea pigs also have amazing senses of hearing. The animal has a 340-degree range of vision, and is able to distinguish partial colors. They can also whistle and purr to signal their happiness. Even doctors in the Andes Mountains in South America use guinea pigs to find illnesses, as they will squeak when they are close to the disease.

Did you know that guinea pigs have more bones than humans? They have more teeth than humans. They secrete grooming liquid from their eyes. Aside from being a great pet, guinea pigs have some quirky habits. For example, they shoot urine from their eyes if they are disturbed. This is a sign that their owners need to pay attention to them and give them lots of attention.

If you are looking for an entertaining pet, guinea pigs are the perfect companion. Their unique personality and energy make them great pets. Unlike cats, guinea pigs have more bones than cats. Their fur is longer than that of a cat, and they secrete grooming liquid from their eyes. However, they do not have a tail like human cats. Despite these features, guinea pigs are adorable, and the fun factor is worth its price.

Another interesting fact about guinea pigs is that they have more bones than humans. This is a sign that they are intelligent. A guinea pig has a lot of bones. They also have a strong spatial memory and can remember how to get food. They can learn tricks from their owners. They love to hide away, and can even learn new tricks. They are very easy to train, which makes them great pets.

There are many fun facts about guinea pig care. The best part about owning a guinea pig is that they are easy to take care of. They are easy to keep clean, and they have a healthy diet. They have more bones than humans, but they are not a pig. In fact, they are very easy to care for, and they require no special treatment.

Unlike humans, guinea pigs’ bones are stronger than humans’. They also secrete a grooming liquid that gets into their eyes. Apart from these facts, guinea pigs are very intelligent, and they are very easy to train. A guinea pig can be taught tricks, but he will need some help. You can also train a dummy, but this is not a substitute for a real guinea rat.

The guinea pig has higher intelligence than humans. They have a very high spatial memory. They can remember pathways to food for months and they can be taught tricks. They are very shy and fearful. When frightened, they freeze up and run away. Unlike other pets, they are very unlikely to attack you. And their love of hiding makes them great pets for children.

In addition to these fun facts about guinea pig care, guinea pigs also have unique physical characteristics. They are not pigs, and their name comes from the Andes region of South America. They have more bones than humans, and they are not related to pigs in any way. But, their name is still very confusing, as the word “guinea pig” actually means ‘guinea pig.

A guinea pig’s tongue has many interesting facts. In addition to having a mouthful of teeth, guinea pigs can hear sounds such as chirps and whistles. When they are happy, they hop up and down several times. Occasionally, they will eat food that you have placed in their cages, and they can smell foods from across the room. If you’re unsure of what all of these facts mean, it’s best to consult your veterinarian.