35 Interesting Facts About Lions

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Lions are animals that are the embodiment of such qualities as pride and courage, and it is not without reason that such a concept as “lion’s heart” appeared. Easily recognizable for their lush mane, lions are formidable predators able to cope with almost any opponent. Meeting this huge predator on its territory does not bode well, but, fortunately, lions rarely attack people.

Interesting lion facts you need to know

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1. Lions lived in Europe as well, until about the 500s A.D. In later years, the animal population was exterminated by man.

2. There is still a debate as to whether a lion or a tiger is bigger. The predominant point of view is that tigers are bigger, but even this is disputed by some scientists.

3. It is impossible to find two identical lions on Earth. The muzzle of this animal is like a human fingerprint: unique and inherent in only one animal.

4. The distinctive feature of female lions is the presence of 4 nipples, while other felines usually have 8 nipples.

5. Lions are capable of mating with many other big cats such as tigers, leopards, and jaguars.

6. The length of hair in a lion’s mane can be up to 40 centimeters.

7. Scientific studies have proven that the darker a lion’s mane, the greater its reproductive capacity. However, darker mane lions have a worse tolerance to heat.

8. The claws of an adult lion can reach seven centimeters in length.

9. In ancient Egypt it was considered a sacred animal. The Egyptians revered the strength and power of this amazing beast.

10. Lions are the laziest predators in Africa. Being fed, lions never hunt. The only two things that can make a well-fed lion budge are the scorching sun and danger.

11. In the Middle Ages, many prominent nobles had a coat of arms with the image of a lion, and their houses were decorated with figures of this animal.

12. The lion becomes an adult at the age of two years. Only by that time he begins to have a mane and gains the ability to growl.

13. Lions have a strong jaw and 30 teeth, but they use all this power only to tear flesh because they do not chew food but immediately swallow large chunks.

14. Adults roar loudly – the roar can be heard at a great distance, about 8 kilometers.

15. Lions have an amazing ability – they can do without water for months. They get the moisture they need for life from food.

16. The muscles in lions run the length of their legs, which is why they can jump so well.

17. It is commonly believed that only males are polygamous. However, this is not true. Females also mate not only with the dominant male but also with other members of the pride.

18. The lioness changes the location of her den several times a month in order to avoid the accumulation of smell that may attract unwanted guests.

19. In captivity, the average life expectancy of a lion reaches 30 years, but in the wild only

20. White fur in lions is not albinism, they have normal pigmentation of the eyes and skin. White coloration is the result of a genetic disease, leucism.

21. The lion can reach speeds of up to 60 km/h, but will only run 90 meters.

22. To feed herself a lioness needs daily 5 kg of meat, but a lion needs 7 kg. They can, however, eat up to 30 kilograms of meat at a time.

23. One out of three hunts is successful for pride, while a solitary lion has only one out of five, or even one out of ten.

24. Lionesses live several years longer than males, who are driven out of the pride when they are old and sick.

25. Lions, like all felines, can smell not only with their nose but also with the help of the “Jacobson’s pipe”. It is located on the upper palate of lions, right behind their front incisors. Lions use this way of smelling when they are extremely focused on an odor. Then lions slightly lift their upper lip and suck in the air.

26.Most lions hunt in the dark because they can see well at this time of day. Their eyesight is seven times better than a human’s.

27. While lionesses can sometimes be confused, the muzzles of males are truly unique.

28. Of all the members of the feline family, lions are the tallest.

29. An adult lion can easily weigh up to a quarter of a ton. Lionesses, on the other hand, weigh about half as much.

30. Now extinct cave lions either had no mane at all or had a very bushy mane, as the rock drawings show.

31. Lion cubs are born blind and very small, averaging 1.5 kg. After 7-10 days, they become sighted and in two weeks they begin to move around on their own.

32. The lion’s heart makes up about half of one percent of its body weight, which is the smallest ratio of any predator.

33. On average, only one lion cub in five survives to the age of two.

34. The cave lion lived in Siberia and was the largest member of the feline family ever to walk the planet.

35. In a lion’s pride, lionesses usually hunt while the lion rests, with the lionesses bringing the prey to the pride. If the lion himself goes hunting, he is likely to eat the prey on the spot by himself.

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