A Dog With A Very Expressive Muzzle Surprises The Internet

Khai Dove

The dog called Nori is gaining popularity on the Internet because of his incredibly expressive muzzle.

Many users noticed that his face even resembles a human face.

Nori is an Aussiepoo (Australian poodle), a new “designer” breed. Big round eyes Nori look open and friendly and it is because of them Nori’s muzzle is so attractive and unusual.

And when combined with the soft, smiling curve of its mouth, Nori’s snout really does look like a human face.

Nori’s owners Kevin Harless, 33, and Tiffany Ngo, 34, live in Seattle, S.C. When they walk Nori outside, they’re used to their dog getting a lot of attention from passersby.

And after they tweeted photos of Nori, they quickly went viral all over the Internet.

According to Kevin, when Nori was a puppy, he was even more adorable and more people came up to them on walks asking what breed he was and why the dog had such an unusual face.

“When he was younger, his fur was darker and he looked exactly like Chewbacca or Ewok (characters from the Star Wars movies). Nori is an ossipoo – the result of love between that Australian sheepdog and that poodle and he often looks like he’s smiling,” Kevin says.

Nori is very friendly yet not a pampered couch dog, but an energetic and playful dog. When he meets another dog, he immediately wants to play with it, and he’s not the least bit aggressive or nervous.