The Prodigal Sheep Returned To The Home Farm Seven Years Later

Amelia B

Australian farmers found a missing animal during a barbecue to celebrate the birthday of their son, Australian Broadcasting Corporation reports.

Photo by Trinity  Kubassek on pexelsPhoto by Trinity Kubassek on pexels

The sheep, nicknamed Prickles, escaped from its owners in 2013 because of forest fires that had engulfed the region. Farmers had to rebuild 50 meters of fire damage and the animal, which was probably on the edge of the pasture, was cut off from home.

Seven years later, farmer Alice Grey found a woolen pet on the pasture where she and her family were celebrating their six-year-old son.

Husband Alice caught a sheep that looked like a giant ball and brought it home. She is planned to get a haircut on May 1. If the weight of the cut wool exceeds 41.1 kilograms, Prickles will set a new record.