British vets operate on a miniature aquarium fish

Veterinarians in the United Kingdom have removed a cancerous tumor from a molly fish weighing less than one gram.

The operation was performed in Bristol.

The owners discovered the growth on its stomach. They took the pet to the veterinary clinic, specialists who determined that the tumor is malignant, decided to remove it surgically.

The molly was the smallest patient the clinic had ever seen. Despite the size of the pet, the doctors successfully coped with the task. It took about 40 minutes to remove the tumor. They lubricated the incision on the abdomen with a special waterproof cream, as it was impossible to close it.

After the surgical intervention was completed, the patient was kept in a tank of water saturated with oxygen. When the fish recovered from anesthesia, it was returned to its owners.

Sonia Miles, a specialist in the treatment of exotic animals, said that such surgeries require a certain dexterity and good eyesight. According to her, a whole team of veterinarians was involved in saving the molly, writes “Lenta” with reference to Metro.

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