Can a guinea pig live alone?

Can a guinea pig live alone – this is the question many guinea pig owners ask.

More often than not, people do not want to have a second pet, thinking that keeping two animals is an expensive and time-consuming task.

But in Europe, they do not think about such “trifles” of life anymore, because the law prohibits the single keeping of rabbits and guinea pigs.

To understand whether your four-legged ward will be able to comfortably exist alone, you need to understand what kind of behavior would be characteristic of him in the wild. And in natural conditions guinea pigs are social animals living in large groups. Together they avoid danger, take care of each other (brushing their hair) and communicate. In the group, guinea pigs feel comfortable and safe. Therefore, the fetus is the main need for guinea pigs.

Many owners claim that their pet is happy just by being attached to its owner and happy to play with a person, but unfortunately, this is not an indicator. To become a mate for the piggy, you need to lie next to it on the floor, eat from one plate, make sounds, know the body language of these animals, and clean its fur. Also, the pets are at home alone all day long, while their owners at school or work and not always get more than their portion of attention.

You should not worry that the animals may not get along. Guinea pigs are easy to make friends with. For this, you need a large cage from 1 meter long (for two animals), toys and hammocks in duplicate, separate bowls, and food for two. This will avoid fights between the animals. These rodents are very friendly, but they must establish a hierarchy when dating.

You should not interfere in the “showdown” between guinea pigs. After all, until the hierarchy is established, they will not cease to conflict. There is a very small probability that your guinea pig will be asocial and will not allow cohabitation. But this is a rare exception, rather than a rule.

Breeders and sellers in pet stores sometimes advise to keep them alone. This is due to ignorance of the peculiarities of these animals and a desire to sell at least one animal (after all, not everyone decides to buy an animal, if it necessarily needs a pair).

No one will replace the mumps of the congenital. Cats and dogs are predators and a priori cannot be best friends of rodents. It is mistakenly believed that rabbits and chinchillas can become good congeners because they have different “languages” of communication and a guinea pig can only suffer from this company. The coexistence of different animals in the same group dooms each of them to loneliness.

How costly is it to keep two pets at the same time? Two guinea pigs need a little more space, a double meal (pellets and juicy food), and a large tray. In terms of time, the care for two pets will be a little different from the care for one. But living in pairs, the pigs will be less ill and will live much longer. And if the animal lived alone for a long time, it will be very happy, having found a friend. 

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