Can a hamster and a cat live together?

A cat can be called a tender and affable creature, but in any of them sleeps a predator, who each time wakes up, noticing the potential prey.

And what should the owner, who has not only a cat in one apartment but also a small hamster do? It is possible to keep them together, but here you cannot do without a competent approach.

Do cats eat hamsters?

A small animal can give birth to the excitement in a cat, but it is unlikely that your fluffy pet can eat it; it will only play with him. The hamster may suffer from her clinging claws or sharp teeth. There will be no cat representative; she will strangle him and play with him like a soccer ball.

Good hunters are made of street cats because this is their main way of feeding. And even if a cat has lived at home for a long time, it has perfectly preserved all street instincts. Such an animal can eat a domestic rodent at any time.

Will a kitten and a young hamster live together?

Imagine the situation: you have a cage with a hamster at home, and you bring a little kitten to the apartment. At the first moment, the rodent will be of genuine interest to the kitten. It can sit by the cage for hours, watching the hamster behavior, but it won’t be taken seriously.

As she grows older, the kitten will get more and more used to the hamster and will gradually stop paying attention to it. The smell of the rodent and its presence surrounded the cat from the very first minute of settlement in your apartment. But it is better not to leave the animals alone!

The first aid to a hamster, if the cat bit it

If your cat and hamster have “argued” with each other, and the hamster was bitten by a mustached pet, immediately treat the wound with an antiseptic, it will prevent the process of infection. Then, take the pet to the veterinarian: it is better not to self-medicate because it is unknown what consequences it may have.

After such a situation, you should try to create the most relaxed conditions. The stress obtained by the hamster may turn into a regular concern in the future. Eliminate any contact between cat and rodent.

WARNING: The opposite situations also happen: a hamster may bite the cat. You should not be afraid that the representative of the cat will catch some infection from him. All rodent diseases are absolutely not dangerous for other pets.

The hamster, seemingly a nice and harmless rodent, can still bite. And there are several reasons for this:

  • the instinct of self-preservation (most often it works in females during pregnancy);
  • the beast has felt pain;
  • getting into a new environment;
  • sudden sharp sounds.

How to make friends with a cat and a hamster?

The Internet is full of stories about the friendship of different animals: iguana and dog, goat, and tiger. All this seems incredible, but the decisive factor is to bring them together at the youngest age possible. Although the friendship in the animal world is an amazing phenomenon. One can never say with absolute precision whether two animals will become friends or irreconcilable enemies.

The most defenseless version of dating will happen when your kitten is not older than two months. At such a young age, cats are quite defenseless: a small kitten will not be able to hurt a rodent when he decides to play with it, and in the future, your kittens can even become good friends. But here you should consider the character and temperament of all animals: not every cat can become a good friend for a hamster.

NOTE! You can teach the cat not to touch the rodent by giving it a slight click on the nose every time it begins to behave aggressively towards the hamster. Sooner or later, your cat will learn its lesson and stop responding to the animal.

Let the animals build their own relationship, but remember to keep an eye on the process. In the case of an adult cat, the chances of friendship with a hamster are significantly reduced. But it is still worth trying to bring them closer. To do this, take the cat in your arms and place it next to the hamster cage. Watch carefully how the cat will react to the rodent; don’t give it a chance to grab the hamster with its paw.

Gently pull the hamster out of the cage and gently move it closer and closer to the predator. There is a risk that the rodent will get scared and try to slip out of their hands. In this situation, cat instincts will work, so be very careful.

If the attempt to befriend the cats is not successful, do not be very upset. Adult cats and hamsters get along with each other in very rare cases.

How to protect the pets from each other?

Even if your animals are good friends, you should never forget about security measures. A cat is an unpredictable animal: instincts can take it up.

  • It is necessary to feed your animals in different places. Do not allow a hamster to start eating from a cat’s cup.
  • The hamster cage should be as far away from places where the cat likes to rest as possible. There is no need to provoke a conflict once again!
  • Put the cage at a sufficient height: so that the cat could not get it. Otherwise, the cat can stick its paw through the bars and hurt the hamster very badly.
  • The cage door must close securely so that the cat can’t open it on its own.
  • Pay more attention to your cat: so that she doesn’t have jealous attacks. Feed her a delicious meal and show her love carefully.
  • More often, arrange active games for the domestic predator, take it outside, direct all the energy into a peaceful direction.
  • Do not scold the cat for its instincts, which it can not change. so you risk turning the cat against you.
  • The hamster can’t stay in the cage all the time, it should run around the room, but only under supervision. The cat may attack it so quickly that you won’t even be able to blink an eye.
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