Can cats eat chocolate pudding?

The cat always wonders what we eat there.

Today we will consider whether cats can eat chocolate pudding.

Is a cat a sweet-lover?

We used to think that if a cat eats ice cream, sweet cream, or chocolate, it means it is a sweet tooth. But I am in a hurry to upset you and even more – to warn. Cats do not feel sweet taste. Cats and cats can lick ice cream with pleasure, chew a piece of chocolate, squeezed (as we think) with pleasure. But in reality, they do not feel the taste of sugar. The predatory nature of our pets is to blame.

The cat simply does not have the gene responsible for the sweet taste. And man has one because he is an omnivorous animal and takes energy from a variety of food. But if suddenly a person can’t eat meat, he will have to eat vegetable food that gives very little energy. Therefore, he needs high-energy carbohydrates, which are contained in a lot of sweet food. But cats do not need carbohydrates, so they do not need to take a sweet taste. But any representative of the family of cats is the true gourmets of protein food: any cat can determine how long the prey was killed.

What is the danger of chocolate pudding for cats?

When a cat eats chocolate or ice cream, it does not taste sugar, it only tastes like vegetable protein and milk. So, when a cat eats sweets, it is limited only by its protein intake. And the sugar, which penetrates the cat’s body, it can not take into account in any way. Therefore, the amount of sugar consumed by the cat is not controlled. Your favorite sweet tooth may eat too much ice cream, which can lead to serious poisoning.

Excess carbohydrates will lead to obesity. Pets spend very little energy wandering around the apartment and lying on the couch. The excess energy that your cat has received with carbohydrates will not go anywhere but will go into the fat. And not only in the subcutaneous: fat can also form on the internal organs, worsening their work. Cocoa beans also contain theobromine alkaloid, which is poisonous to cats. Its use leads to excitement, heartbeat. In too high doses it is possible to be fatal. So never give your cat chocolate. Even the smallest piece of chocolate. It is a tiny piece for a person and compared to the size of a cat, such a dose is very palpable.

Take care of your cat’s health!

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