Can chinchilla eat carrots?

In the wild, chinchillas choose their own diet, the beast will never eat a harmful or unnecessary product.

But domesticated chinchillas do not have the opportunity to choose their own products.

Owners of this cute and friendly pet should understand that chinchillas should only be fed with chinchilla food.

Their diet consists mainly of granular food, hay, and clean water.

Due to the special intestinal structure of chinchillas, it is contraindicated to overfeed with juicy food. Inappropriate feeding leads to various troubles that threaten the health of the pet.

Chinchillas can be given cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, pumpkin, carrot, kohlrabi, salad; from fruits – apples, pears, figs, bananas, grapes, berries.

Carrot is useful for fur chinchillas, strengthens the heart muscle, excites appetite, phytoncides contained in carrots are natural antimicrobial agents and help chinchilla to clean the mouth and teeth from the pathogenic environment.

Carrots also help with anemia and dysbacteriosis in chinchillas. Dosage: 1 cup 3 times a week.

Fresh fruits and vegetables should not become a substitute for the pet’s main food, they can only serve as a treat. Once a week you can treat the pet to a slice of mandarin, a piece of fresh apple, pear, celery, or carrots. Chinchillas also like to enjoy pumpkin, bananas, and sweet Bell pepper. Some gourmets prefer cucumbers, tomatoes, and grapes. It is very desirable to use seasonal fruits and vegetables in this supplement.

Before treating a chinchilla with your favorite juicy delicacy, any fruit or vegetable should be washed well with running water and discussed with a paper napkin.

In the first months of life, it is better to feed a chinchilla only with high-quality food, and fruits and vegetables should be given only in dried form (best of all apple, carrot).

Adults can already pamper fresh fruits and vegetables, but also monitor the body’s response. After eating an apple or carrot, the animal feels normal – so you can give them later. But if a chinchilla has diarrhea, constipation or food is poorly digested, you should not add this product to your diet. It is not recommended to feed the animal fresh cabbage leaves, they are very juicy and often lead to stomach disorders.

Feeding the home chinchilla with specialized feeds promotes the saturation of the small organism with all trace elements and vitamins. Therefore, the addition of fresh fruits and vegetables to the pet’s food depends only on the desire of the owner to pamper the pet.

Chinchillas do not feel greedy in food, they need a small portion of food. But in case of abuse of a favorite dainty, the beast may refuse to eat granular food. Accordingly, it will wait for fresh fruits and vegetables, which will lead to disorders of the gastrointestinal tract of the animal. In this, home chinchillas are similar to small children, requiring harmful but such desirable products. 


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