Chihuahua dog origin story

Chihuahua is not only the smallest dog in the world but also one of the oldest breeds, it is several thousand years old.

Perhaps that is why it is still unknown where it comes from. The name of the breed came from the name of the state in Northern Mexico, but there are different opinions about how it ended up there. Some experts say that the small dogs were brought from China, others call Europe the birthplace of the Chihuahua, while others believe that the breed originated in Africa.

The only thing that is known for sure is that the American Chihuahua Indians were revered as sacred animals. However, unfortunately, this was not a plus for the dogs themselves: they were sacrificed during religious rites, and according to some versions, they were widely used in cooking. Images of small dogs were used to decorate architectural monuments of the Aztecs. Archeologists find mummies of dogs in human burials. According to legends, Chihuahua took the sins of its owner after his death and helped him to move to another world with a pure soul.

The spread of Chihuahua outside the country began simultaneously with the settlement of South America by the Mexicans in the late XIX century: unusual dogs were sold to tourists and presented as gifts to important people. In 1903, the breed was officially recognized in the U.S., and a few years later – in Britain, after which the babies were known throughout the world.

Possible ancestors

There are also several versions about the origin of the breed. One of the most common is called Chihuahua direct descendants of the Techichi dogs, Toltechi pets, who lived in Mexico before the Aztecs. These dogs remotely resemble the Chinese ancestors of a pug, but there is evidence that the Techichi existed on the mainland long before the Chinese sailors came there.

It is also believed that the Chihuahua has a connection with a naked Mexican dog, although the breeds have significant anatomical differences.

A few words about the breed

Formation of the modern breed type took place with the participation of dogs of other miniature breeds. It is believed that the Shorthair Chihuahua in its modern form appeared under the influence of Russkiy Toys and dwarf pinschers, and the Long-Hair – Papillons and Pomeranians.

Even though the dog is miniature, its body is very muscular. The length of the body of the chihuahua is a little more than the height of the dog with its head. The body has a square shape, and the skull – the shape of an apple. The muzzle narrows to a slightly upturned nose. The dog’s forehead is rounded, smoothly moving to the base.

Healthy and purebred chihuahua differs in that it holds a highly curved tail or tail in the form of a half-ring, with its tip directed to the lumbar side.

Dogs of this breed have two distinctive features. The first is the eyes, whose color is dark in purebreds, although light shades are allowed. The eyes are usually large and round, but not convex. The second distinguishing feature is the big ears, which are always wide open. The protruding ears stand only when the animal is wary; otherwise, they hang on the sides. They are widest at the base, the tips of the ears are rounded.

The weight of the dog varies within three kilograms.

After the war in Britain, there were only eight chihuahuas, but by 1953 the number of dogs reached 111. So far, this breed is most favorite in England, the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Mexicans, by the way, consider small dogs a national breed.

5 interesting facts about Chihuahua

  1. Chihuahua is very brave and hardy. Despite their size, these dogs can fearlessly throw themselves even on a huge sheepdog to protect their owner. The life expectancy of the babies is from 13 to 15 years, and if the puppy is initially healthy, he is likely to have no reason to go to the vet in the future. Chihuahua is always active and full of strength, so they need a master to become.
  2. In Britain, there is the smallest police dog in the world, which weighs only 7 pounds. Chihuahua, nicknamed Midge, is specially trained to search for drugs.
  3. Which celebrity do you associate Chihuahua with? Perhaps the most famous owners of miniature dogs in today’s world are Paris Hilton and Rhys Witherspoon. But few people know that immediately after signing a contract with Columbia Pictures in 1948, the Chihuahua was acquired by Marilyn Monroe, nicknamed Joseph. Since then, small dogs have become the most popular among Hollywood actresses.
  4. Many representatives of the breed, wishing to communicate with humans, make funny sounds, which are something in between the bird’s trills and a squirrel’s snapping.
  5. Chihuahua is badly tolerated by the cold, so it is not recommended to walk at temperatures below four degrees. In rainy and windy weather, you should take care of buying a jumpsuit or other warm demi-season clothing.
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