10 different types of sparkling wine explained

Echo LiuFebruary 19, 2023
Photo by Aleisha Kalina on UnsplashPhoto by Aleisha Kalina on Unsplash

1. Espanyol Albien jw Green, non-alcoholic, non-alcoholic Champagne, sweet sparkling wine

For the little fairy who likes to drink, non-alcoholic sparkling wine must be a good choice. This Spanish wine is made from high-quality grapes and is made by traditional techniques. It has a fresh, delicate, fruity bouquet with a light fruity aroma that gives you a memorable aftertaste.

2. Imported sweet red sparkling wine from Italian famous village, lotus brakado net red sparkling wine

This is a small flower sweet red sparkling wine from a famous Italian village. It is made by traditional technology. It is round, full bodied, rich in color, with strong fruit and fresh fruit aromas. It is smooth on the palate and has a long aftertaste.

3. Australia imported Aoba Liha rabbit sweet red non-alcohol sparkling wine

This Australian brand is made from high-quality grapes. The wine is crystal clear in color, fresh and soft in taste, with fresh and fruity flavor, which makes you enjoy a different taste bud experience.

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4.Italian Moscato sweet white sparkling wine love season sparkling wine

This is a very suitable wine for women to drink, and the alcohol content is also very low. It is very comfortable to drink, and the taste is very good. Whether it is for your own use or for your relatives and friends, it is a good choice.

5.Riunite Moscatomus Sweet Sparkling

A high value sparkling wine, selected high-quality peach red grapes as raw materials, through artificial picking, fermentation and other processes made, color crystal clear, full wine body, with a strong peach aroma, soft and smooth taste, long aftertaste, whether you drink or gift is a good choice.

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6. Espanyol Alpen jw red green, no alcohol champagne sweet sparkling wine

This is an alcoholic beverage that is very suitable for female friends to drink. It is made of high-quality grapes with traditional technology. Without alcohol and pigment, it retains the natural aroma and taste of grapes. It has soft taste, fruity fragrance and endless aftertaste.

7.Italian Chateau Giordanni Peach Dry Sparkling Sparkling

This peach dry sparkling wine is made from high quality peach grapes. It has a sweet taste and a light fruity flavor. After drinking it, it has a sour and sweet taste, which makes people feel endless aftertaste.

8. French imported Chennai ice peach red sparkling wine, only 200ml of sparkling wine

This French imported Chennai ice peach sparkling wine, selected high-quality Cabernet Sauvignon grapes as raw materials, carefully brewed by traditional technology, emitting a fresh and natural peach red, soft and delicate entrance, with a light aroma of fruit, refreshing and pleasant taste, very suitable for women to drink.

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Lafite has good reviews of the whole network whose smell is floral, mineral, and very strong. It tastes sweet and acid, very silky with the unique style, but also could be affected by many factors, such as wine age, preservation conditions.

10. Albion jw red single bottle sparkling wine

Using high quality grape as raw material, adopting advanced alcohol-free technology, keeping the sour and sweet taste of grape itself, alcohol-free, healthy and delicious, rich in vitamin C, can effectively promote intestinal digestion, reduce the formation of fat, suitable for many people to drink.

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1. Replenish water and provide energy

Sparkling wine is named because of the bubbles in the wine, common varieties like champagne, sparkling wine has the effect of supplementing water and providing energy.

01 Water supplement:

Sparkling wine contains a large amount of water, which can be absorbed and utilized by the human body to alleviate thirst. It has the effect of water supplement and can help improve human metabolism.

02 Provide energy:

Sparkling wine contains carbohydrates and other substances, which is an important source of human energy and can provide energy for the body to supplement physical strength.

2. Improve your mood

When drinking sparkling wine, it will naturally be more pleasant and reassuring to think of all the benefits it can bring to the body. As long as you don't drink too much, sparkling wine can easily relax people's mind, spirit and body completely. It is a kind of drink full of festivity and joy, which can bring wonderful enjoyment to people.

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3. Antioxidant

Like red wine, sparkling wine contains antioxidant polyphenols that can eliminate free radicals in the body. In particular, sparkling wine is rich in certain types of polyphenols that can protect nerve cells from damage. Adding berries to a sparkling wine, such as strawberries, blueberries, raspberries or blackberries, can have better health effects and make the sparkling wine look better and taste better. When drinking sparkling wine, eating orange, grapefruit or cranberry juice can also boost its antioxidant activity.

4. Strengthen brain intelligence

Scientists at the University of Reading in the UK recently released a study that found that the polyphenols in sparkling wine can improve people's spatial memory, which can strengthen people's navigation, numeracy and ability to cope with complex tasks. The study suggests that one or two glasses of sparkling wine a week can achieve this effect without drinking too much.

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Suitable for general population

Taboo crowd

People without special contraindication

Not to be eaten together


Sparkling wine contains alcohol, and alcohol and cephalosporins will have disulfiram-like reaction, causing skin itching, tachycardia and other symptoms, even life-threatening, so it is not appropriate to eat sparkling wine with cephalosporins.