Top strangest drinks you may never heard

Echo LiuFebruary 23, 2023
Photo by Bruno Kelzer on UnsplashPhoto by Bruno Kelzer on Unsplash

1. Cow urine beverage

A new drink developed in India that uses cow urine will include some useful medicinal and Ayurvedic herbs in addition to cow urine. The drink is said not to smell like urine, and the taste is not bad. What's more, it's not like some ordinary soda drinks, which don't contain any toxic substances.

2. Porcine placenta beverage

A jelly-type beverage made from a porcine placenta and weighing 10,000 milligrams. The edible placenta is said to have the function of regenerating human tissue, especially for beauty, and to help regulate people's daily diet.

Photo by Roan Lavery on UnsplashPhoto by Roan Lavery on Unsplash

3. Peruvian Frog Juice

Some farmers markets in Lima, Peru, have small restaurants that sell the frog juice. Shop owners are for customers on-site production, the owner first from the glass bowl of the frog, killed with a knife in the abdomen cut a hole, the whole skin of the frog. The frog is then whisked into a blender with honey, aloe vera and an unknown plant root. The plant's roots are said to improve sexual function. The owner claims the frog juice drink is known as Peruvian Viagra for its ability to build up the body and relieve fatigue, as well as treating asthma and bronchitis.

4. Stag Semen and Yogurt

A restaurant in Wellington, New Zealand's capital, has a pre-dinner drink made with a mixture of yogurt, kiwi juice and stag's semen. Once you accept the fact that there is buck semen in it, it tastes really good, and a little sweet, according to those who have tasted it.

Photo by Chinh Le Duc on UnsplashPhoto by Chinh Le Duc on Unsplash

5. Elephant dung beer

A brewery in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, used to sell a limited number of strong beers brewed from elephant poop coffee beans. Some reporters have experienced it, which is said to taste like roasted coffee.

6. Kimchi drink

This kimchi drink is very popular in Korea, of course, everyone can understand this. They really have a passion for kimchi!!!

Photo by Frank Zhang on UnsplashPhoto by Frank Zhang on Unsplash

7. Eel functional beverage

In Japan, when people want to refresh themselves, they drink eel soup, eel wine or an eel function drink. The yellow eel surge drink contains extracts from the eel's skull and tastes fishy.

8. Wasp wine

Japanese bumblebee is a very poisonous bee animal, however, some people are willing to take risks, even if they get a few stings to try to catch them, in order to make a special wine. Wasp wine has a muddy color and smells a bit like carrion.

Photo by Caio Coelho on UnsplashPhoto by Caio Coelho on Unsplash

9. Human Milk Drink

The milk source is not cows, but lactating women. Of course, this kind of drink can only be seen in Japan. You must understand.

10. Rat wine

The specialty of Hue, Guangdong Province, uses hairless mice and ordinary rice wine that have not opened their eyes at birth. It is said that the wine can drive wind, remove blood stasis, enrich blood and enhance liver function and prevent vascular sclerosis, etc., anti-aging, delaying puberty has a good effect, is a natural beauty and fitness products.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on UnsplashPhoto by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

11. Teal Pepsi Ice Cucumber Drink

In 2007, PepsiCo introduced a unique flavor of iced cucumber drink in Japan. It is a combination of cucumber and cola. It is not just a simple cola drink. It tastes sweet and has a fruit taste. You know, this blue and green Pepsi ice cucumber drink absolutely overwhelms your imagination of Pepsi. After drinking a mouthful of mint, the refreshing cucumber will go straight from your mouth to your head, which is definitely what refreshing Pepsi can do!

Photo by Eiliv Aceron on UnsplashPhoto by Eiliv Aceron on Unsplash

12. Children's beer in Japan

The rule that minors are not allowed to drink is absolutely observed by the whole country, regardless of countries and regions, but what is the situation of children's beer produced in Japan? It turned out that it was because the Japanese made a completely alcohol-free but beer-tasting children's beer in order to prevent children from drinking beer, so that children would want to drink beer secretly. Oh! It's really the right medicine!

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