Try these drinks to glow your skin

Echo LiuFebruary 17, 2023
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There are many drinks that can make the skin better and detoxify, such as lemonade, honey water, red date tea, burdock tea and so on.


Citric acid in lemon is antibacterial and rich in vitamin C, which can inhibit the growth of Helicobacter pylori. Usually, lemonade can eliminate edema and intestinal waste, and achieve beauty, detoxification and other effects.

2.Honey water.

Honey contains a lot of vitamins and amino acids, which can be well absorbed by the human body. Generally, it can moisturize the skin. Honey water can also promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and detoxify the body.

Photo by Karolina Kołodziejczak on UnsplashPhoto by Karolina Kołodziejczak on Unsplash

3.Red jujube tea.

Red jujube has the effect of moistening dryness, replenishing blood, etc. Often drinking red jujube tea can nourish stomach and promote better complexion.

4.Burdock tea.

Burdock usually has the effect of delicate skin, detoxification and beauty.

Burdock contains a large amount of carotene which can generally ease the skin dry, rough and other state, burdock root and wind clearing heat, detoxification and swelling, Often taking burdock tea can improve the skin state, promote the body detoxification and so on.

It's good to drink fruit juices rich in vitamin E and vitamin C to whiten your skin, they're antioxidants and resistant to free radicals, so that the depletion of subcutaneous pigment cells speed up and achieve whitening skin effect, like durian juice, kiwi juice, Orange juice and so on, but be careful not to drink too much. If too much acid stays in the body, it can cause damage to the enamel, so the amount must be controlled.

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1. Beauty Drink

Take a piece of ginger, two tablespoons brown sugar, add appropriate amount of water, then put in a pot to cook for 10 minutes to drink. This kind of rosy drink can effectively relieve the pain of female friends during physiological period, and supplement blood gas properly. It lasts 1-2 times a week.

2. Chamomile Drinks

Chamomile has the effect of removing liver fire, eliminating eye fatigue and moistening skin. Soak proper amount of chamomile in water and drink it with proper amount of honey. Simple skin care products are formed in this way. This chamomile drink is a natural drink for purifying the skin.

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3. Lemon tea

Lemon tastes very acid, and contains a very rich vitamin C which can care skin greatly. Peel lemon slices, soak water to drink, can also add ice sugar to drink so that taste better. Drink lemon tea often to keep your skin shiny and lubricated.

4. Tremella and red jujube soup

Tremella 25g, jujube 15g, tangerine peel 6g, egg 1, rock sugar appropriate amount. First the red date stone, and white fungus with boiling 30 minutes, then put orange peel boiled 10 minutes, add ice sugar into the eggs. This prescription has the effect of nourishing and beautifying the skin, removing wrinkles and color spots. It can make the skin white and tender, delicate and elastic when taken frequently.

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5. Apricot Flower Dew

12 grams of almonds, 6 grams of osmanthus, rock sugar. Break the almonds into a pot and cook for 15 minutes, then add osmanthus to cook for 10 minutes, add the dregs into the rock sugar seasoning. This aspect is delicious fragrance, with black hair beauty, skin care freckle effect, suitable for women to drink in four seasons.

6. Milk papaya

Fresh ripe papaya, fresh milk. Cut papaya into fine water, cooked with sugar until papaya putrefaction, boiling fresh milk to take. This aspect has the effect of beauty and skin care, black hair, often drinking can make the skin clean, soft, delicate, wrinkles reduce, color ruddy.

7. Soybean milk

Drinking soy milk not only strengthens bones, but also maintains a girl's skin. Soy milk contains flavonoids which remove skin wrinkles, and promotes locking in skin collagen. So sticking to soy milk is sure to make your skin shine like a newborn.

8. Pomegranate juice

Pomegranate is the most valuable red fruit, and drinking pomegranate juice can make your skin glow. Pomegranate juice is rich in antioxidant substances, and experts said that as long as you drink a little daily pomegranate juice, it can effectively resist the growth of wrinkles.

9. Carrot juice

Carrots are rich in beta-carotene, which makes your skin shine and stay in good shape. They also contain vitamin A, which helps you wrinkle and slow down aging. Drink carrot juice every day, and your skin will stay as bright as a baby for a long time.

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In addition, if you want to make your skin white, but also want to make your skin better, then there are still more things to drink. For example, you can stew some papaya, or stew some rock sugar and silver fungus porridge for yourself, also you need to pay attention to drinking water often, which can achieve the purpose of whitening and beautifying.

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If you want to beautify the whole body, you can improve it slowly through dietetic treatment. Like you can drink water, eat some tofu, kelp, milk, vegetables, fruits and other food. You can eat more tofu at ordinary times, the best with seaweed to eat, tofu is rich in protein, seaweed iodine high, the effect of whitening the whole body is super good. Fried food, spicy and other pungent food will lead to melanin precipitation and freckle cake generation, if you want to whiten the whole body, you should eat less.