Vintage drinks will make a comeback

Echo LiuFebruary 21, 2023
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1. General wine can only be broken or unbroken fresh grape or grape juice, after complete or partial biological fermentation and obtain beverage, wine degree ≥ 5% (V/V); alcohol degree in special producing area (traditional climate and soil varieties) ≥ 0%.

2. It is divided into white wines (nearly colorless, straw yellow, golden yellow, etc.), peach red wines (rose red) and red wines (ruby red or garnet red) according to color.

3. According to the sugar content, it can be divided into dry wine (sugar content ≤ 0 g/l), semi-dry wine (sugar content 1-10 g/l) and semi-sweet wine (sugar content 11-50).

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4.Sweet wines (sugar ≥ 50. 1 g/l). Classified as calm wines (CO2 overpressure < 0) based on CO2 overpressure (20℃).

5.Grape sparkling wine (excess pressure of carbon dioxide produced by fermentation: 0.1-0.25 MPa), aerated grape sparkling wine (plus carbon dioxide: 0.1-0).

6.Sparkling wine (fermentation CO2 overpressure ≥ 0.35 MPa) and aerated sparkling wine (total or partial added CO2 overpressure ≥ 0.

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7.In addition, wine made from fresh grapes, grape juice or wine, after some special treatment during or after production, is defined as special wine.

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1. The main red grape varieties are Cabernet Javert CabernetSauvignon, is the king of noble red wine grape varieties, its wine structure is rich, strong and strong, the best like runaway horses; Shiraz, the prince of classical red wines, is soft and rich in flavor; Beluva Pinot Noir, the queen of rare wines, gentle and elegant in taste, full of fruit and complex; Merlot is the most popular red grape variety. It is delicious and smooth. It can be mixed with other grape varieties to make a ripe and balanced red wine.

2. Most of the best wines in the world are produced in France, especially in Bordeaux, Burgundy and other places. It can be described as "extraordinary" to describe the quality and taste beauty.

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3. German wines, on the other hand, are low in alcohol, have a pleasant fruity flavor and are sometimes concocted to a refreshing acidity and sweetness. American wines have long been famous, especially California wines.

4. Australia has similar wine-making techniques to those of the United States. The wines produced are very similar to those made in California, but often in very different styles. There are also countries such as Portugal, Austria, Hungary and Bulgaria, all of which have their own characteristics.

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Promote digestion, delay aging and protect blood vessels.

Wine tastes sour and sweet, can stimulate gastric acid secretion after drinking, which is helpful for digestion. Wine also contains a variety of phenolates, tannins, anthocyanins, etc., which have antioxidant effect, can reduce the damage of oxygen free radicals to the body and delay aging. Drinking wine in moderation can improve blood circulation, reduce blood viscosity, and play a role in cardiovascular protection. The resveratrol in wine also has anti-cancer effects.

Suitable population

Taboo crowd:

Patients with diabetes and gastric ulcer

Not to be eaten together

With seafood, durian

The purine content in seafood is high, and drinking together will increase the production of uric acid, induce or aggravate hyperuricemia. Durian contains more sulfur elements, will affect the metabolism of alcohol, not conducive to health.

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Direct drinking

Pour the wine into a decanter and drink it in small sips in a glass. Avoid excessive drinking.

Stewed chicken

First, fry the treated chicken wings for standby, then heat the oil in a pan and add scallions and garlic to stir fragrant, add chicken wings, put in appropriate amount of water, pepper, salt, smoked, wine and stir evenly, simmer for about half an hour and serve.

Stewed beef

Stir-fry celery and beef in a pan. Add wine, chicken soup and potato pieces after coloring slightly. Simmer for 1 hour and serve.

Wine has the effect of beauty, promoting cardiovascular health and so on. Wine, as a source of mineral nutrients and organic vitamins, can help the body to provide a certain amount of calories. Wine contains a large amount of thiamine, can restore fatigue, stimulate the nerves. Riboflavin in wine can promote cell redox, prevent oral ulcers and cataracts. Wine contains aromatic alcohol, which has strong antioxidant activity and can help people fight cell aging. Wine helps increase the concentration of high-density lipoprotein in the blood, prevents cholesterol accumulation and protects the intima of blood vessels. Therefore, proper drinking can prevent cardiovascular disease, prevent arteriosclerosis, promote cardiovascular health.

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