Fun facts about a frog

Frogs are extremely diverse creatures, and not all of them look like those little green jumpers, melancholy squealing from the nearest swamp in your cottage.

They live almost all over the world, and often differ from each other so much that it is hard to believe that they are, so to speak, relatives.

Interesting facts about frogs

  1. The largest frog is Goliath, which can weigh up to 3 kg.
  2. Frogs have teeth only on the upper jaw.
  3. The above-mentioned Goliath frog can jump 2.5-3 meters due to its strong hind legs.
  4. The smallest frogs in the world live in Cuba – the average body length of an adult does not exceed 1 centimeter.
  5. Toads, which also belong to the genus of frogs, have no teeth.
  6. Huge, weighing up to 2 kg Cane toad is one of the most poisonous frogs in the world.
  7. Frog eyes have an excellent view – they simultaneously see what is happening in front, up, and on the sides of them.
  8. The golden poison frog inhabiting the South American jungle is the most poisonous land animal in the world.
  9. In Japan, the frog is considered a symbol of luck.
  10. Emerging from tadpole to frog, the individual passes through almost thirty different stages of development.
  11. Being on land, the frog breathes lungs, breathing air through its mouth, and in the water gets oxygen from the whole surface of the skin.
  12. In the cold edges, the frogs hibernate at the bottom of water bodies for the winter, burying themselves in the mud.
  13. Lake frogs eat readily not only insects but also fry of different types of fish.
  14. Caught and located in the mouth prey frog pushes towards the stomach with the movement of eyeballs.
  15. In Central America and the south of the United States, there are frogs whose skin is covered with slime, which has hallucinogenic properties.
  16. The meat of some kinds of frogs is a delicacy in many countries, particularly in the U.S. and France.
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