Fun facts about a wallaby

Wallaby is a small or middle-sized macropod native.

Compared to kangaroos, it is much smaller: its height is only 52-81 centimeters, tail length varies from 42 to 93 centimeters, weight – from 7.7 to 10 kilograms. There are also other fun facts about a wallaby.

It inhabits Australia, mainly in the state of Queensland, having fallen in love with the jungle. They eat only the best varieties of plants, adore some kinds of ferns and berries. If there is any danger, wallabies can do without water and food for a long time. In the natural environment, they can live from 14 to 20 years, in the home – 10, all depends on diet and living conditions. We have collected the most interesting facts about the wallaby.

7 wallaby facts

  1. Wallabies live in flocks. Most males do not get along, but there is no fighting between them. But females often organize wars, so there is a special hierarchy to avoid conflicts. The leader obeys the others and will not be overruled by the others.
  2. Male relatives create groups to oppose aggressive outsiders.
  3. Wallabies choose one tree and live on it all their lives.
  4. An animal can be tamed if you take it out of the wild as a child, feed it, and grow it yourself. Otherwise, it is impossible to domesticate an adult animal.
  5. Wallabies are at the extinction stage, they live only on 2 islands of Australia.
  6. The animal is slow, the movements are leisurely. But wallabies are sluggish and very clever.
  7. In the daytime, about 15 hours they sleep. At night, they begin an active life, looking for water and food.

Top 3 most interesting facts about a wallaby.

  1. Wallabies are very fond of traveling. Therefore, animals are constantly studying and expanding their territories.
  2. The animal is a great jumper. They can jump between trees for about 10 meters and jump from a height of 20 meters without getting any injury. Also, the animal has no problems moving on the ground.
  3. “Wallaby” is the name of an animal that used to live on the territory of Sydney, the aborigines gave it this name.

More fun facts about a wallaby

Wallaby mother’s bag – home, games room, and kangaroo protection. Female before childbirth carefully cleans and washes her bag for the future baby to make him comfortable.

Pregnancy lasts about 1 month. Small wallabies are called a joey, they are born in tiny sizes – about 2 centimeters. The first 8 months joey spend in the mother’s bag, 80 days of which the female feeds them with milk. And then they leave their mother’s dwelling.

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