Girl mistook puma cubs for stray kittens and took them home

An 18-year-old female student took in two kittens found in the street, which later turned out to be wild animals.

The incident took place in the city of Santa Rosa de Liles (Tucumán province, Argentina).

Florence Lobo, while walking with her brother in the city neighborhood, heard a sound that sounded like crying. At first, she thought a bird had fallen from a tree and was crying. But when she came closer, instead of a feathery bird, she found a pair of red-haired kittens. She took the babies home and named them Dani and Tito.

Sadly, Dani passed away two weeks later. Tito had an active life: he liked to play, bite, run, climb on the table and jump down.

Because of his mobility, the kitten hurt his leg, and Florence took him to the veterinarian clinic. There, experts informed the girl that her pet was not a house cat. Animal experts determined that the baby the student picked up was a baby puma jaguarundi.

The girl gave Tito to the Animal Rescue Foundation. The staff will give the kitten medical attention and release it into the wild.

“He followed me everywhere and never lacked meat and milk,” Lobo said frustrated. – When you raise a pet, pamper it, think of it as your own, separation hurts a lot. But in my heart I know I did the right thing.”

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