Goats licking salt in Italy

In Italy, goats, risking their lives, climb the dam to lick salt.

In Northern Italy, alpine goats climb the steep wall of the Diga del Cingino dam to enjoy moss and salt.

This species of animal, known as the European goat, feels great in the mountains and on the rocks, climbing to a height of about 4 600 meters.

It is no wonder that the goats have fallen in love with the 49-meter high dam, not at all embarrassed that any careless movement can lead to death.goats licking salt

I saw about 15-25 goats climbing the dam while the rest of the herd stood at the bottom. The embankment is about 50 meters high with a slope of almost 90 degrees. The goats climb up the steep wall thanks to their elastic hooves and big ears that help to keep their balance. They “hunt” for saltpeter and other mineral salts that settle on the rocks. An amazing sight is the way these animals challenge the power of gravity and even manage to fight for a better place on the wall, clutching horns. Frederica Grassi, an eyewitness (Daily Mail)

Locals claim that goats climb the wall every day. Despite the fact that there are other dams in the Alps, the animals somehow love this one, reports the Daily Mail.goats licking salt

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