How and what does flamingo eat?

It is hard to imagine a more amazing and unusual bird than a flamingo.

We will learn about flamingo eating in this article.

What do flamingoes eat?

Small crayfishes are the basis of the diet. Flamingoes also eat worm larvae, insects, mollusks, algae. All these birds are looking for in shallow water in a thick layer of mud. The beak of these birds has a specific structure, on its edges, there are filters similar to small scallops. It plays the role of a kind of sieve. Flamingo keeps its beak in the upper layers of water, where there is a lot of plankton. The bird first draws water into it, then closes it, and through the supra-beak releases liquid and swallows food. This process goes very quickly.

How do flamingoes eat?

Have you ever wondered how flamingos are eaten with their curved beaks? San Diego Zoo introduces the public to how they eat with a new video. The video shows bright pink birds eating underwater. An underwater camera filmed the video while the birds were eating. The camera was installed in a flamingo feeding pool in the zoo.

In the video, the birds put their curved beaks underwater. The zoo explains that flamingoes naturally eat underwater with their almost inverted beaks. Their beaks suck up the surrounding water, which then passes through plates (so-called lamella) that filter the water for delicious treats. Shrimp, clams, algae, and other small sea creatures get into the mouth of the flamingo. Then water, dirt, and garbage are removed at the sides of the beak.

San Diego Zoo jokingly says: “Everyone loves seafood!” However, you can see that the feeding pool is not filled with real sea creatures. The Zoo uses a special diet of pellets, rich in nutrients. These pellets are scattered in water so that flamingos can eat them as if they lived in the wild. The pellets contain carotenoids contained in their natural food, which give flamingoes their signature pink quill color.

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