How do hedgehogs sleep?

Do you think the hedgehogs hibernate?

These interesting and curious animals can lead to different lifestyles depending on the season. It is worth noting that their behavior varies depending on the time of year when they live in different conditions. When and how do hedgehogs go to bed? Let’s look at the photo of a sleeping hedgehog.

What do hedgehogs do in winter?

When the ambient temperature drops, barbed hedgehogs go into hibernation, which continues for a long time.

It’s interesting. Scientists attribute the very long stay of animals in a state of daze at lower ambient temperatures to the fact that they do not have a well-developed mechanism for regulating body temperature.

An animal hibernation is an opportunity to survive under adverse weather conditions. For different breeds of hedgehogs, adverse conditions are different, so different periods of hibernation.

Note. Hibernation hedgehogs spend about six months, this period depends on the area of residence, weather conditions in a particular area.

Why do hedgehogs sleep?

Let’s consider the reasons for this state of the animal:

  1. Lack of sufficient food.
  2. Low air temperature.

These prickly animals can not stock food for the winter. They accumulate fat deposits during the warm season.

Where does a hedgehog sleep?

This is a very important question, because if the hedgehog chooses the wrong place to hibernate, its wintering may end in death. With the onset of autumn cold weather, the animal digs a hole about a half meters deep, it allows them to winter under a thick layer of soil and bedding. Such a depth is chosen for a reason because it is an approximate level of soil freezing.

Note: This is an approximate level of soil freezing. If the hedgehog does not eat for ten days, he may die, but it is during the waking period. During the period of daze, it can stay without food for up to 240 days.

How do hedgehogs sleep?

Interestingly, these prickly balls spend the winter in an unusual position. The hedgehog wraps up in balls and presses her legs and nose tightly to the abdomen, and the tail in this position is pressed against the head. Thanks to this position, it is possible to reduce the possibility of heat loss. The area of body parts that come into contact with cold air is minimized. Every day the fat “melts”, there is a loss of body weight. Hibernation does not begin in an instant. The animal then falls asleep, then awake, and gradually passes during the winter hibernation.

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